Miscommunication Between Bloggers and Businesses

There is a very clear problem that has yet to be solved.

Bloggers want real opportunities, real stories, and to be treated like media professionals.

Businesses want to reach bloggers, in a professional manner, to offer them real stories and opportunities.

It’s so simple… but they just can’t convey it to each other.

Why are bloggers still getting horrible pitches?

Why are businesses spending hours and hours looking for bloggers to write about them, researching their blogs, and engaging with them, only to end up failing miserably?

There are a few possible reasons:

  1. People are lazy and/or bad at their jobs, so they take shortcuts then blame the other side when it doesn’t work. This will always be a problem.
  2. There are so many bloggers out there (hundreds of millions just on technorati), it’s near impossible to filter the space down to just the bloggers that make sense for the specific project.
  3. There’s no way to tell which bloggers are actually looking to be treated like a professional.
  4. Bloggers aren’t expressing their expectations clearly.  They just expect businesses to know.

There’s a missing connection.  Bloggers and businesses are failing to communicate their goals and expectations to each other.

It’s much easier for businesses to pitch journalists.  Every publication has a “pitch process” where anyone can submit a proposal for a story.  They have a system in place.

This is why research and engagement is so important for blogger outreach campaigns.  Figuring out who the blogger is, and what their goals are.  There’s no “system” to pitching bloggers.  You just have to get them.

Bloggers also expect businesses to come to them.  Journalists often reach out to PR folks for stories.  Perhaps, bloggers who want opportunities and stories should do more of the same.

Businesses need to get to know bloggers on a deeper level than a glance at their about page. It’s the only way to know whether or not you should pitch that person.

That’s how you do blogger outreach… <grin> until a better system is created. </grin>

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