Introducing BlogDash’s New Cutting Edge SEO Service

Introducing BlogDash’s New Cutting Edge SEO Service

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Domain Authority has arguably become the most important metric in the field of search engine optimization. It’s quite clear to many SEO service that PageRank has lost some of its predictive utility. It’s not uncommon to find a PR1 site outranking PR3 or PR4 sites in many search engine results pages. On the other hand, Domain Authority has proven to be a much more consistent and authoritative metric over time for determining how a website will be ranked by search engines. It’s no wonder that SEOs are taking notice and adjusting their strategies in a big way as a result.

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The focus of many SEO service companies now lies in implementing techniques to boost a site’s Domain Authority as the best means of moving up Google’s search results pages, also including Bing and other major search engines. BlogDash has introduced its new cutting edge Link Building Plus Partner Program to help you reap the SEO benefits of boosting Domain Authority – and make sure you do it the right way. The black hat solutions are often only effective for a short while until Google catches on and leaves you or your clients to suffer under heavy penalties. Our white hat Link Building Plus Partner Program is designed to help increase Domain Authority, making it both favourable and highly preferred for the search engine algorithms.

At the core of Link Building Plus is the recognition that high quality content development and social sharing have become critical components of good SEO strategy. BlogDash has a particular advantage in both of these respects. Our extensive bloggers database (more than 220,000 members and increasing daily) gives us access to a large number of online influencers with strong Domain Authority and excellent social followings. This places us in the position to be able to implement a Domain Authority boosting plan very quickly and quite effectively.

As outlined in the diagram above, the Link Building Plus Partner Program would have BlogDash bloggers with relevant, high Domain Authority blogs write top quality, unique posts, which will include a link to your site. The post would then be shared across social media channels to amplify SEO benefits. How does this work exactly? A link to your site from authoritative online sources provides the initial domain authority boosting opportunity but social branded links also serve to transfer authority. By sharing the high quality content that showcases your site and the link across social media, the bloggers are providing an additional signal that your site is relevant and credible. Not to mention that sharing with social media followers increases the chances that the posts will be re-shared by the bloggers’ followers. This sharing and re-sharing action provides an even clearer signal of your site’s importance.

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BlogDash’s Link Building Plus Partner Program also has the additional benefit of satisfying Google’s search results preference that favours a steady stream of fresh, relevant content that feeds hungry traffic. You will have the opportunity and control to approve the blog site and the blogger who will be posting to your site, as well as the ability in determining how often fresh, unique and highly relevant articles will be linked to and published on your site from high authority blogs.

Contact us to learn more about how the Link Building Plus Partner Program can help you and your clients use the BlogDash advantage to amplify domain authority and stay on Google’s good side.

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