How to Help Businesses Find You

How to Help Businesses Find You


Businesses need bloggers to help promote their products and brands. They want to work with bloggers who can effectively deliver their message to their customer audience. Even though there’s a great need for good bloggers, customers still have a hard time finding them because bloggers don’t always do the things that make their blogs stand out. Often, bloggers think that if they have a blog going, that they will somehow be found.

According to WP Virtuoso, there are over 150 million blogs online today! No matter what niche you’re in, that’s a lot of blogs to compete with. But no matter if you’re a beginning blogger or a well-seasoned one, there are some things you can do to differentiate your blog from millions of others in such a competitive online space.

The truth is, bloggers do have to do things with their blogs to make them stand out from other blogs, even if they blog on the same topic. What are you doing differently on your blog to help it stand out? If there are 10 bloggers blogging about fashion, they can all do vastly different things on their blogs to be noticed. One blogger may convey their message with lots and lots of images. Another blogger may be noticed for their extensive write-ups on fashion reviews and releases. While a third fashion blogger may be noticed for always being able to find good sales and discounts on name brand items. So you see, there are several different ways that fashion bloggers (as well as others) can take their niche topic and make it work in their favor.

Do you make it easy for potential blogging opportunities to find you by being active on the social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter? Right now, social media is a very effective mechanism for bloggers to use because both businesses and consumers are all on some type of social platform. This is ideal for blogging opportunities because it offers exposure, a sharing platform, a platform for interaction and information gathering. Even if you choose to work with a few platforms, it’s highly advantageous for your blogging livelihood and for the chance for you to get noticed by businesses.

As a blogger, it’s extremely important to make your blog stand out and get noticed. This doesn’t have to mean anything flashy or super digitally enhanced, but by doing things and writing things that get noticed and gets attention. Think creatively. Be different. Find ways to help your blog look, sound and feel different, and one that will make clients want to work with you.


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