How blogger outreach can be made easy by installing MozBar

How blogger outreach can be made easy by installing MozBar

The Moz Toolbar is one of the finest tools that one could wish to have for better analysis. Since the beginning of internet marketing, everyone has been concerned about how their link profile compares to the competition. And the simple fact about it is that it’s not possible to know unless you have some way of discovering the link profile of your competition. Moz Toolbar is the ultimate gift to not only find this link profile information but to also uncover many other useful things about your competition on the web. If you are doing blogger outreach to promote your product or service, it can be very helpful to approach bloggers with better SEO scores.

Importance of the Moz Toolbar in blogger outreach

The MozBar is a browser extension that can be installed on Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. However, its integration into your browser is very strong and it may also appear in your Google search result pages. It’s a tool dedicated to search engine optimization (SEO) and, not surprisingly, that’s where you’ll get the most use out of it. The data it provides is quite invaluable in blogger outreach as it provides on-page metrics vital to SEO including webpage title, alt text, meta robots and more! It can also drills down into some finer details such as the link profile of a webpage and domain. These may include Domain Authority or number of backlinks.

Major advantages in blogger outreach

The tool has some very important key advantages in your blogger outreach campaigns, chief among them: saving you time! Rather than spending hours or even days trying to find the backlinks of a page or attempting to identify the market of any particular blog, simply use the Moz Toolbar to help you out. Investigations of on-page, link-based and markup-related issues are a breeze. Long gone are the days where you had to open a different online tool for each and every separate analysis of a domain. MozBar does that for you in a heartbeat. It can also help you fix surface issues with your site that you probably hadn’t even noticed before.

Differences between the free and paid version

This toolbar has two versions. One paid, and one free. The free version will obviously save you a bit of cash, but it provides limited information on the analysis of any given domain, such as linking root domains and the domains that link to the domain. Basic information such as Page and Domain Authority is, however, always provided. You’ll be needing the Moz pro toolbar if you want to access tools such as Open Site Explorer and the Keyword Difficulty Tool, which will further enhance your blogger outreach capabilities. Despite its limitations, the free version satisfies a lot of your basic needs for blogger outreach!

How do I install it?

The installation process is extremely easy. All you have to do is go to and download the latest version of the MozBar and enable it as an extension on your Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

Download v3 for Google Chrome

Download v2.65 for Mozilla Firefox (v3 coming soon!)

The toolbar is also available on Safari for Mac users. If the extension is downloaded but is not enabled by itself, drag the .crx file to the extensions tab in Google Chrome. That will enable the extension by itself.

The Moz toolbar is a must have for any successful PR Pro and will certainly help you make the most of all your blogger outreach campaigns.

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