Creating Cohesion with Bloggers

Creating Cohesion with Bloggers


Bloggers need the right tools, the right kind of accessories in order to do a good job. Without them, their blogging work might be off or mediocre at best. When bloggers start off writing for clients, it’s to everyone’s advantage to give the blogger everything he or she needs in order to do a stellar job. See how to proceed.

What Bloggers should know before writing for a client

– Blogger’s should view the client’s main website to see what their product/service is and what they’ll be blogging about.

– They need to understand the client’s mission, goals and objectives so they can write directly to those things.

– Allow them to use their writing creativity (within reason) in order to add a touch of connectivity or spark to the blog posts.

– Given guidelines to go by so that they know what to write, when to write, where to post and what items the post(s) should contain.

– Encouragement to share their blog posts (given that the posts aren’t ghost-written) with their social media audiences. This increases page views and traffic.

– Be an active part of other blogging communities and blogging circles so they can share opportunities, ask questions and offer or give out blogging advice where needed.

Bar one or two off this list, a well-seasoned blogger can still deliver a great piece of content for the client. But why should he muddle through it if all of the items are available to do a good job? It’s always better to over-deliver than to fall short of what’s required. Blogging is not a difficult job, but it is a very focused, highly-relevant task that requires the writer to know everything he or she needs to know about the subject before writing about it. That’s why it’s important for bloggers to read as much as they can. They need to ask questions at all opportunities and be flexible enough to change directions when necessary.

What other tools or services can you think of that bloggers would need in order to do a well-rounded job? Do you think they can be as effective if they don’t have ALL of the tools they need? Leave you opinion in the comments box below.

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