What is Your Blog’s Core Value?

Determine your blog’s core value to accomplish your goals

Knowing and implementing your blog’s core value is easy to do once you know why and for whom you’ve created your blog.
Is it to gain traffic only?
Is it to share your ideas and thoughts?
Is it to make money or jump-start a career?
In order for your blog to succeed and achieve its goals, you need to first determine what its core value will be. Once you have done that, you can begin marketing, funneling traffic, pitching your services and skills and targeting relevant social media traffic. Without first establishing the “why,” you and your blog will flail in cyberspace without a clue or a purpose.
You should first determine what’s driving your idea to have a blog. If it’s to make money, all of your efforts need to be focused on finding and learning new technologies, connecting with other influential bloggers in your network and finding what and to whom you want to sell your products. Much of your time will be spent searching and gathering information because creating an income from your blog does take a lot of time and dedication.
Even in the making money by blogging genre, you still must determine your purpose. Are you going to share marketing and internet tips or are you going to sell a product? Whichever type of method you choose, you will need to have quality content on your blog so that readers will visit, stay, subscribe and click on the links you’ve positioned in the posts. Make this appealing as you can by injecting your passion into your work. But also make sure you’re styling each piece of material with quality content and rich links.
Over time, your blog will take on a shape and personality that is distinguishable from other blogs. That’s fine. But always keep your blog true to its original purpose despite the changes it will go through. That’s the thing that readers will come to know and expect from your blog and you don’t want to disappoint.
What is the core value of your blog? What purpose have you set out to achieve with sharing your blog?
Leave me a comment here and share your blog and a link so we can visit it. Thanks!

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    I still do believe that the best way to drive traffic is to give value in each and every blog post. Once this is done, it’s easier to engage with readers and convert them into buyers.

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    Agreed Bridget. Thanks

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