Blogging to Sell or Share?


It’s a misnomer that ALL bloggers are simply blogging just to sell something on their blogs. That’s just not true. Now while the majority of bloggers blog as a way to create an income, some bloggers blog simply for the enjoyment of it.

Blogging is indeed a business, and a very lucrative one if properly marketed. But the truth is that every blog is not going to make money. Here’s why:

Blogging doesn’t guarantee money

  • The blogger only wants to share his/her opinion on a topic and is not interested in being compensated for it.
  • Some blog topics just aren’t able to be successfully monetized, even though the gurus would have you to believe otherwise. There are just some topics that are difficult to attach a product or service to.
  • The blog isn’t properly marketed. It doesn’t have enough traffic or traction to create a buying audience. This could be due to lack of content, the blog’s design or high competition.

While these reasons may apply in some cases, it doesn’t have to be the defining outcome for a blog. Blogs take time to build an audience, to build trust, to attract readers, to gain momentum. And to add to that, there has to also be consistency and planning for there to be success. An effective blog can get good results. Here’s how:

  • Always have an end result planned for every post. Whether that’s to inform, share or incite to buy.
  • Always target a specific audience and write directly to that target audience.
  • Focus on keywords and topics within each post. Stay focused and don’t jump around with different thoughts.
  • Don’t make every post a “sale.” Readers don’t like that, even if you are selling something. Approach your posts as “sharing” posts, and your readers will want more.
  • Don’t focus on length so much as value. If you can say it in 300 words, don’t try to stretch it to 600 words just to make up a “word count.” (That is, unless a client specifically requests a word count minimum!)

Blogging is not hard, or difficult or a mystery, and you can make money from it. It’s a combination of consistent, focused, hard work (and some patience!) where you have a clear end result that you’re working towards achieving. Once you’ve targeted those areas, you’re well on your way towards being a successful blogger.

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