Blogger Outreach Through Blogger Engagement

Blogger Outreach Through Blogger Engagement

Blogger Engagement

It’s very interesting and enlightening to see what others out on the web think of blogger outreach. I ran across another engaging article today that really sparked a lot of ideas with me concerning blogger engagement.

Really, the idea is not necessarily new or an eye-opener, but the way this blogger put the mechanics of blogger outreach into perspective was very intriguing.

The article is entitled “A Guide to Blogger Outreach” and goes on to list several ways to find and approach bloggers, and ways you can influence influencers to get them talking about your brand. I rarely entirely read lengthy blog posts unless they’re really good, and this one was.

The one bullet point that I focused in on immediately was #2 “engage with the blogger first.” I even left a comment on the blog post about how that point struck me because all too often bloggers are not fully engaged, which only result in businesses not having fully committed bloggers to do their bidding.

A business to blogger relationship is critical for the success of the goal. Any goal. Whether that’s for the business to gain more exposure or for the blogger to align with more targeted businesses, the two first have to have a mutually beneficial relationship in order to see any progress.

The business first needs to determine if a blogger is a good fit for their brand. How does the business do that? By talking to the blogger, reading some of his past blog posts, hearing from the blogger reasons “why” he should represent the business’ brand.

The blogger however also needs to determine if he is a good fit for the business’ brand. If the blogger’s only interest is in getting the free stuff, he may not be a good fit. There’s nothing wrong with getting free stuff for reviews, but that should not be the deciding factor for a blogger when he is determining the possibility to work with a business.

There should be some type of “wooing” from both the business and the blogger, to one another. Why? Because the end results will be positive for them both, therefore it’s important that both sides are satisfied with the business arrangement.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions (both the business AND the blogger)

  • Is the blogger a good fit? Is he ethical? Fair? A freaser? (someone who wants to please ONLY for the free stuff!)

  • Does the business want knowledgeable bloggers or just 200-word count article writers?

It takes time to build a solid business relationship so it’s alright to take a title extra time (as it should) to ensure that the business fits and the blogger fits too.

I do especially like the idea to first get to know the blogger. I think that’s where the magic is made. Without a relationship, there is really nothing that the blogger can effectively do for the business, nor anything the business can do for the blogger because neither has taken the time to see/know what the other person really wants. It’s a r-e-l-a-t-i-o-n-s-h-i-p not unlike any other kind, and to take the time to cultivate can be rewarding for everyone involved.

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