Blog Commenting: A Way to Connect with Bloggers

Blog Commenting: A Way to Connect with Bloggers

Blog Commenting

There are a number of ways a company can and should engage with a blogger in order to pitch to them. Blog commenting is one of them. Bloggers all have different reasons for pursuing their passions, so it would be difficult and non-beneficial to try and target all bloggers the same way.

One very effective way to engage a blogger is through commenting. The blogger thrives off of the comments that are left on their blog posts because it tells them people are reading and enjoying the things that he’s sharing.

It also lets the blogger know what kinds of topics and discussions interest the readers. Blog commenting and interacting are largely a marketing tool in itself because it creates an interaction that leads to (possible) inquiries from the reader. This style of interaction can grow and go in several directions.

Blog Commenting Directions

  • It can lead to more targeted blog posts.
  • It can prompt readers to share the articles within their sphere of influence.
  • It can motivate readers to buy the product(s) that the blogger touts.
  • It can bring further attention to and shed light on different causes, issues and challenges that affect the business community.
A good mechanism to find bloggers to interact with would be through social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Both of these platforms have comment sections and also sharing tools. Most bloggers will likely have accounts set up here, especially for sharing articles.
It’s also good to share and leave comments directly on the blogger’s site or on their main blog, if possible. This works extremely well for high-influence blogs because there are so man eyes on the blogger. Be sure to leave comments that are well thought out and genuine but also ones that add value to the discussion. This creates more than a one-time connection, but instead leads to a more in-depth, circular business relationship where the blogger is likely to share Tweets and give out mentions where appropriate.
Do you have other ways that you connect with bloggers? Are there certain methods that are more advantageous than others? If you’d like to connect to more bloggers or if you’re a blogger who wants to connect with a targeted brand, send me an email at bridget [at] blogdash [dot][com]. Thanks!

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