5 Ways to Make Bloggers Write About Your Company

5 Ways to Make Bloggers Write About Your Company

5 Ways to Make Bloggers Write About Your Company

What can you do to make bloggers write about your company? Since bloggers are in abundance in most every field, getting a blogger’s attention is probably not going to be a difficult thing to do. But getting an influential blogger to write about your company may be more challenging, but a highly beneficial move for your company.

In order to make your business stand out and attract the attention of influential and high profile bloggers, here are some things that you can do in your business:

Contact them directly. You never know if one of those influential bloggers will respond favorably to your request to blog about your company. Although many high-profile bloggers are inundated with these types of requests, it never hurts to ask. And that leads to point number two…

Give them a compelling reason. Use a more attractive reason than “our product is great,” or “we’ve been in business for XX years.” Bloggers don’t want to know about your company unless you’re going to show them how connecting with you is going to be mutually beneficial. Tell them how they’re blog review will reach an untapped audience, perhaps. Or, maybe offer to send them free products for their readers in return.

Connect with them and follow them on their social media platforms. Become a part of the blogger’s playing field and your company will always be in the forefront of their minds. When it’s time for that blogger to share a relevant product or training tool, your company will stand out. This works especially well for bloggers who have an exceptionally large following and readership.

Attend their events if they’re speaking or appearing at any local gatherings. This is also a great way to build a business relationship with influential bloggers.

Host a Q&A on your company forum, website or social media tool. This lets bloggers “see” into your company and brand while they decide how they want to interact with your business. This also gives them more information about your company that they can use to draft their blog posts, articles or reviews.

What other ways can you reach influential bloggers? What can your business do differently to attract the right kind of bloggers that will make your brand stand out?

While it does take time to find, connect and establish trust with bloggers, it can be done if given the right set of circumstances and tools.

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