5 Tips to Get More Blogdash Blogging Opportunities

5 Tips to Get More Blogdash Blogging Opportunities

Blogging Opportunities

Are you interested in finding more blogging opportunities with BlogDash? Bloggers are often on the lookout or ways they can increase their exposure and get more direct client opportunities to make paid postings. Here I’m going to share with you 5 things you can do to get more blogging opportunities with us:

1. Complete a Pitch Policy to get the right Blogging Opportunities:

Having a completed profile places you in the best position to get contacted about more and better opportunities. We ask our bloggers multiple times to make sure that their profiles have every detailed piece of information on it so that they increase their contact chances. Bloggers with completed pitch policies have priority in our search results because it lessens the amount of time that it takes to find qualified bloggers. It also increases the chances that businesses find them and can work with them.

2. Increase Your Klout Score:

Your Klout score is very important, and if you haven’t taken a moment to check yours it would be a good idea to do that so you can increase your chances for more blogging opportunities. Bloggers who have high Klout Scores also have search results priority because it allows the clients to filter through and find those bloggers who will help their company best. Since our clients do use Klout scores and search results quite a bit, this is heavily suggested. Bloggers who don’t have Klout numbers do not show up in search results when clients apply the filter.

Blogging Opportunities

3. Develop Your Social influencer:

Are you on the social platforms? Are you participating in the discussions and adding value of some sort? This is an important factor for clients because they want to see bloggers who are actively on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn since those are the major players. Of course, Instagram, Pinterest and Google + as well as the other are also important and clients look at that as well. make sure you work on increasing your Twitter followers and Facebook likes, if possible. If you have accounts with ALL of the major platforms, be sure to add them to your profile because you never know what or which one will be the one that the client wants to use you for.

4. Broadcast Your Location:

It’s (often) all about location, location, location. Make sure your location is prominent in your profile because we have clients that are located all over the world and to some of them, it matters where you, the blogger, is located. They want to know a blogger’s location so that they can pitch them for the right product or service, especially if it’s a location-sensitive item.

Blogdash Filter Image 2

5. Include Your Photo and Bio:

Clients want to know who they’re working with and by providing a photo, it allows them to place a face with their skill sets and experience that’s being displayed on the blogger’s profile. Doing so can also help the client better match their service or product with the most qualified blogger.

Do any of the tips appeal to you? Are they steps that you can actually implement today that will make a difference right away? Absolutely!

Getting better and more blogging opportunities is of course important to you. So take the time to ensure that you’re doing these steps and watch your exposure increase significantly. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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