5 Quick Tips on Using Instagram to Grow Your Blog

5 Quick Tips on Using Instagram to Grow Your Blog


Are you an active user on Instagram? As a blogger, this is a very specific marketing tool that bloggers can and should look into utilizing for their marketing efforts. It’s another social media platform that if used correctly and efficiently, can yield very favorable results for your blog.

  1. Start by setting up your Instagram account to reflect the nature of your blog. You can select different images to use in your profile and make sure that they “tell a story” about your blog and what your readers can expect to see when they reach your website.
  2. Take full advantage of the use of pictures and images on Instagram. After all, that’s the mainstay of the site. You’re telling a story with your pictures, so always include lots of quality, interesting images that will make people want to click on your links and find out more about you and your blog.
  3. Post consistently to the site and make sure each post is something relevant to what you’re trying to convey. The occasional random picture here and there is no big deal, but just take caution to stick to the main personality of the site.
  4. Interact with others on your Instagram. People usually hit the heart key when they like something on your page so that way you’ll know which images are popular hits and which ones are not getting any attention.
  5. Always include quality, relevant links with your posts, but don’t overdo it. If you’re a product blogger, then this becomes very important. Make sure your links are working correctly. Test the links yourself on occasion and fix anything that’s broken.

Instagram is but one of many social media platforms that bloggers can use to grow their blogs. It’s important to make sure that your blog fits the theme on Instagram and that your readers find interesting material there when they visit. The more you post, interact and engage the visitors to your page, the more growth you will see, both in readers interest and in your traffic numbers.

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