4 Reasons Why You Should Do a Blogger Outreach Program

4 Reasons Why You Should Do a Blogger Outreach Program

Blogger Outreach Program

A blogger outreach program gives you the best, most reliable platform to find bloggers that you need for your marketing campaign. Have you tried, unsuccessfully, to pitch several different kinds of marketing programs in order to increase your sales? Have the results been fruitless, or underwhelming at best? Most marketing campaigns are designed to be a “hit or miss” type of design and finding what works best scan often be costly and time-consuming. That’s because you can’t gauge just how well a particular launch will work, unless you’re given statistical data and a proven system. Even with that, there are so many other influential factors that it’s hard to tell just how well any marketing system would do.

With a blogger outreach program however, you’re in more control of the outcome than you’d imagine. That’s because with a throughly designed program, you get to select the types of bloggers that have the experience you need, the skill set that will benefit your company and access to their social influences and expertly-written opinions.

A comprehensive blogger outreach program is an outstanding way to draw in website traffic and a great way to bring exposure and create awareness to  your brand. A general marketing campaign often comes across as an advertisement, which can sometimes work in the reverse for most company’s intentions. However, with blogger outreach services, bloggers create a buzz about your brand because people want to and look to the expert blogger for their review on the subject. Bloggers are very influential in many circles and gaining the right type of blogger for your product can be the best thing that can happen. Let’s look at a few other reasons why a blogger outreach program can give you exactly what your company needs:

1. Bloggers Produce Relevant Content

Their professional writing expertise coupled with experience in their target industry makes them the perfect catalyst for launching stellar content. And, that content isn’t necessarily limited to writing blog posts only. Blogers are proficient in producing newsletters, writing reviews, publishing white papers and some can even produce professional digital content that includes video blogs (vlogs), podcasts and short films.

2. Bloggers Opinions Matter

Consumers place a lot of confidence in the opinions of bloggers. Therefore, by connecting and relationship-building with influential bloggers, you increase the chances that the blogger will provide a positive, favorable review about your brand. Their influence carries a lot of weight and you can expect that whatever they say or write, consumers will be hanging on every word.

3. Numbers Matter to Traffic

When you have a large number of seasoned bloggers writing about your brand, you can expect your traffic numbers to spike significantly. The more the bloggers write and the more they cast their nets with their writing expertise, the more referrals to your site will happen and your brand will benefit greatly.

4. No “Selling”

Honestly, consumers don’t like being “sold” to and will often click away from any site at the first hint of ads. This includes banner ads, pop-ups or the like. Soft-selling, like with blogger outreach, is a more preferred form of marketing and sales because the consumer gets to stay in control and make a decision when and if they’re ready. Bloggers also provide real-world and human experiences for the consumer to see, making their opinions and input that much more preferable.

And finally with any blogger outreach program, once you’ve reached your marketing goals, you can either continue to use the services or pause it until you need it again. Blogger outreach is a great service to consider because it puts and keeps you in control of your marketing plans. When things change like budgets, or marketing goals or direction, you can change your blogger outreach plan as well and shift your focus to find bloggers that fit your new needs.

Think about implementing a blogger outreach campaign the next time you’re set to launch a marketing plan. See what all of the buzz is about. Make the campaign work for you and your company because it’s one of the few ways any client can customize a marketing plan to do exactly what it is that he wants it to do.


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