3 Tips on Writing Great Blogger Product Reviews

3 Tips on Writing Great Blogger Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Do you do product reviews on your blogging site? If you do, then you’re in a great position to find more blogging opportunities from clients who need brand exposure.

Bloggers use product reviews as a way to raise brand awareness and clients appreciate the extra attention and traffic that reviews bring to their sites. Since most prolific bloggers have fiercely loyal readers, companies know that if those readers trust and value that bloggers’ opinion, a product or service review can be a powerful marketing tool for them.

The quest however to find bloggers who can deliver well-written, unbiased but thorough reviews remains a challenge for some clients. Here are some things you can do as a blogger to increase your chances of finding opportunities but also writing solid reviews:

1. Research the product, service and/or company. Know everything there is to know about the product so you can write an accurate review. This means knowing what the product’s purpose is and also the overall company’s mission. This will set things in perspective as you write the review and also helps readers “see” what you’re saying.

2. Ask for expectations. What is it that the client wants reviewed? Do they want you to give a list review, as in listing all of the features or benefits of a product? Or do they want you to give your own personal review? Usually, bloggers are asked for the latter rather than the former in most cases. It’s not unusual for clients to give specifications when bloggers do reviews, therefore it’s best for bloggers to prepare for a customized review, just in case.

3. Be fair, but also give your honest assessment. If you have a loyal following, you would be doing them a disservice if you wrote a questionable review. By the same light, if you write a 100% glowing review, they’re bound to question that as well. Be yourself and just write your review as if you’re talking with a friend.

Product or service reviews can be a very lucrative opportunity for the blogger and a great marketing tool for the client. If the reviews are well-written, fair and outlined properly, the blogger can position themselves to gain more work from a single client and approached by other companies to do even more reviews.

Are there any other tips you would offer on doing blogger product reviews? Is that a service that bloggers should offer on their site or wait until they’re approached by potential customers?

I’d love to hear what you think about blogger product reviews. Comment here or on our Facebook group page at Blogger Outreach. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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