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5 Ways to Make Bloggers Write About Your Company

bloggers write about your company

5 Ways to Make Bloggers Write About Your Company What can you do to make bloggers write about your company? Since bloggers are in abundance in most every field, getting a blogger’s attention is probably not going to be a difficult thing to do. But getting an influential blogger to write about your company may be more challenging, but a highly beneficial move ... Read More »

What is Your Blog’s Core Value?

Blogger Outreach

Determine your blog’s core value to accomplish your goals Knowing and implementing your blog’s core value is easy to do once you know why and for whom you’ve created your blog. Is it to gain traffic only? Is it to share your ideas and thoughts? Is it to make money or jump-start a career? In order for your blog to succeed ... Read More »

What Skills Are Required of Bloggers?

Blogger Outreach

I spoke to a blogger last night that told me about some of the issues they faced when getting pitched by businesses. The business pitched them, sent them their product, but the never told them what they actually wanted them to do! When you reach out to a blogger, are you making it clear what you want? Do you want ... Read More »

7 Steps to Blog Planning with Your Calendar

What system or method do you use to plan your blog posts? I have used Scrivener (just a little over two years) to do my posts and it’s a great system for blog planning, editorial planning, brainstorming and note-taking. Even if you don’t have a system or a digital calendar, you can (and should) still plan your blog posts on a ... Read More »

Set Your Blogging Goals for 2015

Have you set any blogging goals for 2015? If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’ll appreciate the idea of blog planning and knowing where you want to take your blog, in terms of traffic and growth. For instance, are you interested in increasing more traffic to your site? What about finding more paid blogging opportunities? And, if you ... Read More »

Introducing BlogDash’s New Cutting Edge SEO Service

Domain Authority has arguably become the most important metric in the field of search engine optimization. It’s quite clear to many SEOs that PageRank has lost some of its predictive utility. It’s not uncommon to find a PR1 site outranking PR3 or PR4 sites in many search engine results pages. On the other hand, Domain Authority has proven to be ... Read More »

So, Why Do We Write ?

The easiest answer is because we can 🙂 … In fact there are numerous reasons why people write: – To be known – As a hobby – For money – For passion There are still people who write only for themselves and people who write without knowing exactly why. Whatever the reason (or reasons) that leads us to write, every writer (and it ... Read More »

Happy New Year 2015!!

We want to take a moment to wish everyone of our bloggers and readers a very Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to sharing even more helpful, educational and marketing tips and advice with you in 2015. We redesigned a large portion of our main site during the summer of 2014. If you haven’t had a chance to look around, ... Read More »