Weekly Blogger Outreach Roundup

Weekly Blogger Outreach Roundup

Blogger Outreach

It’s another end-of-the-week, and I want to share with you the gems that I’ve run across on the web where people are talking and writing about Blogger Outreach and Blogger Engagement.

Some of these article pieces are targeted specifically to clients who want to grow their businesses using bloggers and some of them focus on showing bloggers how they can build a solid presence and get noticed by companies. They’re all good articles, so I hope you enjoy them. Here goes:

  • Group High published a very interesting slide share on ways to market to moms. There IS a certain way to target and find them, and in doing do you can also find some valuable mommy blogged who can be a great asset in helping you with brand exposure. A great read.
  • Here’s another great slide share by Linda Sellers about actually marketing to mommy bloggers. What’s so interesting about the slide share article is that it doesn’t tell you necessarily step-by-step what you need to do to get mommy bloggers, but really what to do to recognize opportunities with mommy bloggers, how to engage them, how to build a networking relationship with them and how to maximize the business arrangement from a genuine perspective. Great article!
  • This article written by Jessi Sanfilippo is excellent! If you want to know what NOT to do in your blogger outreach campaign, this is one article that you do not want to skip. I spend a lot of time each day reaching out to bloggers, and when I read this article I had to do a mental checklist to make sure I wasn’t committing any of these faux pas. Well done, Jessi!

My favorite line from Jessi’s article which I’d like to end with here was “Everyone inherently knows that it’s a smart idea to develop good relationships in business.” That is so true, but very underused. Before there can be any sort of productive outreach to your audience, you should first concentrate on building a solid business relationship. Not only is it beneficial, it’s crucial for your branding, your exposure and your online reputation.

What other articles or social media posts have you come across this week in blogger outreach? If you have an article or link you’d like to share, just email me at blogging[at] blogdash [dot][com] and let me know what you find.

Have a great weekend!

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