Weekly Blogger Outreach Roundup

Weekly Blogger Outreach Roundup

Blogger Outreach

It’s the end of the week, and I want to share with you the gems that I’ve run across on the web this week that’s about Blogger Outreach.

Some of these article pieces are targeted specifically to clients who want to grow their businesses using bloggers and some of them focus on showing bloggers how they can build a solid presence and get noticed by companies. They’re all good articles, so I hope you enjoy them. Here goes:

Every business wants to know how to increase traffic. It’s a never-ending quest, but fortunately there are good, solid methods to doing this and Traffic Ape shares an article with is that goes into great depth. I especially liked that the article mentioned website design and layout because, honestly, that’s what keeps eyes on your page once the reader gets there. The other point I liked was reviewing analytics.  You’ve got to know what works best and your analytics will not lie to you. Study them closely to see what needs tweaking or changing for best results.

The post from Meltwater caught my eye because it talks about the indirect pitch and how that seemingly small but powerful strategy factors into how well a campaign fairs. I’m a big proponent of relationship marketing, so this point really hit home with me.

Boost Blog Traffic tells us how to get influencers to promote content for us for free, which is probably every bloggers ideal situation! The article shares tools (using Alltop, Technorati, etc.) for maximizing this strategy and great tips on how to make it all come together.

That’s about it for the content that really stood out to me and where I found immediate value. That’s not to say that I haven’t found value in other articles, but I like to actually read the articles I link to, comment if I can and even add more value back if possible. I prefer quality over quantity.

If you have an article on blogger outreach or social media you’d like me to take a look at and possibly link to, just drop me an email line at blogging [at] blogdash [dot][com] and I’ll definitely see what it’s all about.

I’ll see you next week with more goodies from around the web!

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