The ingredients for a perfect pitch

This is our 59th week of the best blogger outreach articles and posts. Our research for the past week has unveiled three intriguing opinions on what the vital ingredients are for a good and valuable pitch.

We’re inviting you to have a look at our recommendations:

1. Our first choice was Danny Brown from Jugnoo Inc. and his article entitled .  Danny’s article is an important reminder: PR people need to first research a blogger’s previous posts and his/her opinions before reaching out. Otherwise, no matter how creative and catchy the actual pitch message may be, the outreach will not be successful. Bonus-tip: Danny also offers a real example he has experienced, so we encourage you to check out his article!

2.  Second choice this week is Macala Wright:  How to properly pitch a lifestyle blogger. The author of the FashionablyMarketing.Me lists some of the latest pitching  trends to lifestyle bloggers and focuses on one in particular: blogger challenge. How can PRs convince a blogger of the relevancy of their pitch and how can they customize the offered experience are just some of the questions Macala aims to answer. Bonus-tip: this article also presents a real experience, so we invite you to read how Macala analyzes the given pitch.

3.  Exploring blogger outreach campaigns by Srinivas Kulkarni is our last choice and completes the frame we proposed so far. The author, a social media evangelist at Social Wavelength, gives some useful examples of engaging blogger campaigns and how they worked. Have a look at them and then tell us what you think!

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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If you know of a good article, or you’ve written an article that you think should be included, email me at chris[at] .

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