The importance of doing blogger outreach

The importance of doing blogger outreach

Blogger outreach

Hello and welcome to our 73rd week of blogger outreach roundup articles. This week we’ve searched the web for the most interesting articles on how to perform blogger outreach campaigns and were impressed with what we have found. Our research for the past week has unveiled some useful articles on relationship building and on using social platforms to engage with influential bloggers.

Without further ado, here are this week’s top 5 blog posts:

  1. Our first pick is Kate Cox from Quirk. Blogging Outreach : Hugs, Not Handshakes teaches you how to build a genuine relationship with bloggers and has a wonderful example of performing a blogger outreach campaign. Check out Kate’s article and learn from her advice.
  2. Using the Power of Social Commenting for Your Blogger Outreach is our second choice. Renee DeCoskey underlines bloggers’ role in generating buzz around a company or a brand and explains how to find influential bloggers using social commenting.
  3. Third on our list is Catriona Pollard, founder and director of CP Communications. In her article Tips For Pitching To a Blogger you’ll learn new ways of raising brand awareness. For those who are new to blogging outreach check out Catriona’s tips and tricks.
  4. Our next pick is Agencies: Here’s how not to do your PR. Cameron Clarke shares one of his experiences on how to build relationships with the media. We encourage you to read his article as it has lots of useful advice.
  5. Our last choice for this week is Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner. How the U.S. Army Is Using Bloggers is a great article with an awesome video interview done with Greg Swang Swan, VP of Digital Strategy at Weber Shandwick. Greg shares a lovely blogger outreach campaign performed for one of Shandwick’s clients – the U.S. Army. For those of you that are working on blogger outreach campaigns, we think this article might bring a fresh perspective on the subject.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

If you know of a good article, or you’ve written an article that you think should be included, email me at blogging [at] .

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    Great list! Thanks for including our blog post! (#2)

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