The Best of Blogger Outreach Posts Roundup #35

The Best of Blogger Outreach Posts Roundup #35

Blogger Outreach

Welcome to the 35th week of round-up articles that will help you build up a strong PR/marketing campaign for your products/services using blogger outreach. For this week we’d like to share with you a couple of interesting articles on how to manage a blogging outreach campaign.

Here are our top 3 choices for this week:

  1. The first on our list is Chris Abraham from Biznology. Read his article Blogging Outreach is Scary and find out what is it that stops you from doing blogger outreach for your brand.
  2. Second this week comes Holly Glover from BevelWise. If you’d like to learn more about ConAgra’s blogger outreach campaign fail, then we suggest you read her article. Start Your First Blogging Outreach Campaign is indeed a good resource that you can use to run a successful blogger outreach campaign.
  3. Last, but not least are the guys from All SEO Experts. How to Reach Bloggers, Ninja Style is the article that caught our attention. One of the most important parts of a blogging outreach campaign is searching for the right bloggers. We believe this will shed some light on the subject and hopefully will help focus your efforts on actually building a strong relationship with the bloggers.

These are the articles we wanted to share with you this week.  Enjoy reading them, learn from the authors experiences and share your thoughts.

If you know of a good article, or you’ve written an article that you think should be included, email me at blogging [at] .

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