The Best Blogger Outreach Posts Roundup #9

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Here we are at the 9th week of our round-up articles that will help you keep your PR campaign on budget and increase your products/services social media visibility. This week’s blog posts show that building a blogger outreach campaign doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not trying to build up a strong relation with your bloggers in the first place.

Like in every industry out there, we’ve learned that building blogger relation has its share of misconceptions also. We believe it’s better to find out more about it from us, rather than to “experiment” them on your own campaign.

So here are this week’s posts:

1. First in line is Tressa Robbins with an article about Blogger Relations Misconceptions. This may not come as a surprise to you, however she shares some light on how to pitch to bloggers. This article should be mandatory for those of you that are planning to build up a strong connection with your bloggers.

2. The second article we came across this week comes from Meghann on The article How to Create a Blogger Outreach Program for Your Brand shares 5 simple steps to building a blogger campaign for your brand. Sometimes the best way of doing things right is to keep them as simple as possible.

3. What would a weekly round-up be without having an expert sharing some insights about building relations with bloggers? We are happy to give you Ruben Quinones the director of New Media at the New York digital boutique agency Path Interactive. His article How to Establish Effective Blogger Outreach is actually an interview with Ted Rubin – Chief Social Marketing Officer at OpenSky. One of the core elements of their business is sustaining a   continuous dialogue with bloggers. This involves listening, not only talking!

4. If you still don’t know what blogger outreach means and what it can do for you, Nina Marie Martin can shed some light on that matter in her article Blogger Outreach…Do you know what it is?

5. Last, but not least, Leigh Duncan-Durst from MarketingProfs shares with us What Brands Can Learn from Unofficial Bloggers. On our behalf it reflects the essence and importance of communicating with bloggers that write about you even when you didn’t reach out for them. It might prove to be a major plus for your brand in more than one way.

That’s it for this week. We hope you had as much fun reading the articles as we had rounding them up.

If you know of a good article, or you’ve written an article that you think should be included, email me at chris[at] .

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