PR pros: Learn how to manage your blogger relations!

PR pros: Learn how to manage your blogger relations!

Knowing how to engage with online influencers is vital – do it right and it will pay off nicely, do it wrong and the media will be buzzing only with bad things about your brand. We’ve reached the 61st week of blogger outreach roundups and we’re focusing on a great topic: How to engage bloggers the right way!

Here are the top 4 blog posts we thought of sharing with you:

  1. How to reach out to bloggers – 6 top tips for blogger engagement is this week’s first pick. For those of you who are looking to perfect the way you engage and build relationships with online influencers, Belinda’s article might prove to be a great learning resource.
  2. The second article we came across mixes science with social media – interesting combination, isn’t it. Want to know what quantum mechanics and blogger outreach have in common? If the answer has eluded you, then check out Chris Abraham’s article The quantum mechanics of blogger outreach.
  3. Murray Newlands comes third this week with a video interview done at BlogWorld with Darren Rowse of Digital Photography School. Check out Daren’s opinion on blogger outreach and on building blogger relations in this article: Blogger Relations: Learn how to build relationships with other bloggers in Future of Publishing!
  4. Why do some PR agencies still get blogger outreach so wrong? Advice from a mummy blogger is the last blog post we’d like to share with you this week. Blogger outreach can pay off quite nicely when done right, so check out Gordon’s article about a mummy blogger’s tips on how to do this.


That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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