Blogger Outreach Roundup

Successfully Working with Bloggers


Bloggers We’ve reached the 124th week of blogger outreach round-up articles. For this week we’d like to share some awesome new articles on how to identify the right bloggers and influencers for your brand and ways to attract them to work with you. As a PR/marketing pro, this is one of the first priorities when setting up your online marketing ... Read More »

Blogger Outreach Must-Knows

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach Hello and welcome to the 123rd week of blogger outreach round-up articles. We’ve browsed the web for the most interesting blogger outreach related articles and were amazed with what we have found.  Without further ado here are this week’s top 4 blogging outreach blog posts: Deanne Yee from IFB is our first pick for this week. She is ... Read More »

Online Influencers Are Worth Chasing

Online Influencers

Online Influencers We’ve reached our 122nd week of round-up articles. It’s been amazing to see how many useful resources on blogger outreach and online influencers we could find and share with you since we started this series and this week isn’t any different. We found a couple of interesting blogger outreach related articles that we think might come in handy ... Read More »

Sharing Experiences, not Advertising Chatter

Sharing Experiences

Sharing Experiences Bloggers and influencers had earned their so important place in increasing brands” visibility thanks to the shift that happened in the way people are making their buying decisions. Target audiences are grouped in communities based on shared interests and values, sharing experiences they had with different brands, products and services. People are buying based on those shared experiences, ... Read More »

How to become influential using blogger outreach

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach Nowadays blogs play an important role in influencing consumers/costumers in buying products. People are trusting blog advertisement more and more everyday then other social networks or media sites. This is where blogger outreach plays a key role. Here is our 117th week of roundup articles. We hope the articles we have chosen will help you become a more ... Read More »

Pitching your Way to the Bloggers’ Hearts


Pitching Although any of the steps involved in the outreach process are equally important, the amount of critiques, advice and chatter revolves around the pitching. PR professionals are trying to find the perfect balance between keeping it short and personal, but giving enough information, so the blogger can understand what the opportunity is about. Bloggers are usually complaining that the ... Read More »