Blogger Outreach: Stay True to Your Campaign’s Goals

Blogger Outreach:  Stay True to Your Campaign’s Goals

Blogger Outreach

When doing blogger outreach one golden rule is to avoid mass mailing. Not only that those kind of impersonal pitches are easy to be spotted by bloggers, but that also means you’re making it harder to successfully reach your marketing goals and a good ROI.

Contacting bloggers without thoroughly checking their influence and status regarding your target audience or without trying to develop a relationship will increase the risks of moving towards a failed outreach campaign. Of course, that will not happen because blogger outreach is a bad marketing tactic, but because the way it was done was totally wrong.

To make sure, you’ll employ all resources and knowledge available we invite you to check out the articles we chose for our 95th week of roundup articles. Enjoy!

  1. Mommy bloggers are by far one of the most pitched categories of bloggers out there and from their experience we found out how many bad and irrelevant pitches are sent every day. Nyerr Parham article, 4 Ways to Conquer “Mommy Blogging” Outreach Pitfalls describes the right way of approaching them, if this kind of bloggers fit your campaign, so we invite you to check it out!
  2. In every piece written or spoken about blogger outreach, the importance of building real relationships is emphasized as much as possible, but there is no single right way of doing this. Zach Eberhart’s article is a good source to find out more about How to Develop Relationships with Bloggers.
  3. As we said in the beginning the purpose of checking out what others have to say is to avoid failure, so here’s a good reading from Ashley Walters: 8 Tips to Avoid a Blogger Outreach #Fail that will help you prevent bad results.
  4. Many blogger outreach campaigns fail mostly because of some errors in practice. Avoid falling in common traps by reading a very insightful article from MarketingMag: Seven deadly sins of blogger outreach.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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