Blogger Outreach Roundup #2

Blogger Outreach Roundup #2

p>As we promised, every week we will present you with the most interesting articles we can find about blogger outreach. So in that happy note, we present to you this week’s most interesting blog posts around the web!

  1. Robin Decato writes a very interesting and yet short blog post in which he gives 4 Tips For Effective Blogger Outreach. Four tips that will help you develop a successful blogger outreach program.
  2. Blogworld gives us an article of Five Tired Tactics for Blogger Outreach, a list of tactics that are overused and are surely not going to work as well as they did at the beginning of the whole blogger outreach phenomenon.
  3. The article Mack Collier wrote is indeed a bit old but has some great insights on how to start a successful blogger outreach program. The articles is written in a less formal manner and talks about the benefits that a company will get if it follows the steps presented.
  4. From the same oldies but goodies category, we present a post written by Stephanie Weingart for BlueGlass. The post entitled Blogger Outreach: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly presents the goals of a blogger outreach program, the reasons why a blogger should care, but also why a brand need a blogger.

That’s it for this week! True, the articles are not so new but the tips provided are still working. If you know of a good article, or you’ve written an article that you think should be included, email us at


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