Blogger Outreach Roundup #14

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Welcome to the 14th week of our round-up articles. This week the blogosphere shared with us a couple of interesting examples of bad pitches used by PR people.

Being the one that is reaching out to bloggers can be indeed fun and efficient when you know how, what and who you pitch. Of course this can’t be easy when you didn’t do your homework right. Reaching out to bloggers without knowing the basics about what their interested in or what they like and write about, can be a mistake that doesn’t come cheap for the company’s reputation.

Without further ado, we give you this week’s posts:

  1. First in line is Arik Hanson. In his article Blogger outreach lessons learned from recent pitches I’ve received he shares with us 2 examples of bad pitches received from PR people. He underlines the idea of why this pitch is wrong and how should it be improved. We believe that good advices are always welcomed, regardless how much experience you may have pitching bloggers.
  2. The second article we came across this week comes from Maggie McGary an online community and social media manager. Her article Another Association Blogger Outreach Fail gives you a great example about how you shouldn’t be reaching out to mom bloggers.
  3. Next comes Justin Goldsborough from JUSTin CASE you were wondering. He shares a couple of interesting ideas related to why you should be reaching out to more than the A-listers. Be sure to check his article Why it doesn’t always make sense to go after A-listers.
  4. The 4th article we focused for this week comes from Claire Celsi. Approaching bloggers in a similar way to what she shares in the article PR Spam Blogger Relations Case Study, is something that you should avoid at all times.

These are the articles we wanted to share with you this week. We hope you had as much fun reading the articles as we had rounding them up.

If you know of a good article, or you’ve written an article that you think should be included, email me at chris[at] .

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