Blogger Outreach Roundup #11

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Here we are in our 11th week of round-up articles. Again, we searched the internet to provide you with the most useful and interesting articles related to blogger outreach.

From this week’s posts, we’ve learned another important lesson when it comes to approaching bloggers – Improve/adjust your pitch with every chance you have.

We present to you this week’s most interesting blog posts around the web:

1.Heather Whaling shares a couple of useful tips when approaching video bloggers. The article How Pitching Video Bloggers Isn’t Like Pitching Journalists is more like a quick tutorial for those of you that wonder why are these video bloggers so special. Once you understand how you should correctly approach them, you can consider that you’ve added another weapon to your social media arsenal.

2.The second article for this week is Aussie Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics wrote by Natasha Hanckel-Spice. Like in every industry out there, a code of ethics was needed for approaching bloggers.

3.Kimberly Button shares with us a couple of tips that you need to consider when planning outreach campaigns. Blogger Engagement (aka Blogger Outreach): Tips for Giving Your Campaign Planning a Facelift is indeed fine article, wrote from a European point of view.

4.Douglas Karr shares with us his example of a PR bad blood in the article How NOT to Pitch a Blogger. Now this may not come as a shock for you, but there are still a lot of lazy PR people that don’t know how to approach and pitch their targeted bloggers.

That’s it for this week. We hope you’ll find the articles helpful for your outreaching plans and you’ll come back again next week for more interesting posts.

If you know of a good article, or you’ve written an article that you think should be included, email me at chris[at] .

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