Blogger Outreach: It’s Not All about the Numbers

Blogger Outreach: It’s Not All about the Numbers

Blogger Outreach

PR and marketing professionals today are so overwhelmed with all sorts of research, monitoring activities and reports that they began to think only in terms of numbers and statistics. That’s mainly because a lot of their clients are looking to clearly quantify their efforts and results as precise as possible, all that for the sake of ROI from the blogger outreach campaigns

This is not necessarily wrong, but blogger outreach campaigns involve a lot more variables than traffic numbers and statistics. It’s an effort that requires both great professional skills and emotional intelligence in order to engage with the bloggers, who are actually real persons that talk to other real human beings, not just numbers on a spreadsheet. This is why, for our 88th roundup we picked some really interesting and out of the box suggestions on how to approach bloggers and stand out from the crowd for great outreach results.

  1. Be personal, be original, be efficient! That’s a great way of pitching to bloggers and the advice comes from Alison and her article To A Blogger. Check it out to read even more interesting insights on how to ensure the success of your blogger outreach campaingn.
  2. As the purpose of our weekly roundups is for PR pros and bloggers to learn from the others’ shared experiences, here’s some advice from Jo-Lynne Shane on how to optimize a blog to become more attractive for PR pros looking for great bloggers to work with: What I’ve Learned Doing Blogger Outreach.
  3. For the ones that look for some advanced suggestions on how to do blogger outreach we have found Michael’s article: Advanced Guide for a Blogger Outreach Campaign.  He highlights precisely the fact that blogger outreach campaigns provide great results for a brand as long as the right approach and steps are followed.
  4. In the end, as our main goal is to bring bloggers and PR pros on the same page and make them to work better together, we invite you to check out Carol Bryant’s article, Why Bloggers Need to Engage in Public Relations in order to acknowledge how many things these two professional categories have in common. Even if her perspective is quite niche, we think that her advice applies on every category of bloggers.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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