How to Attract Guest Bloggers

How to Attract Guest Bloggers

Guest Bloggers

Interested in having a high-profile guest bloggers or influencers write a post for your brand? If you’re in the marketing business, then you know the amount of impact this could have on your brand and your exposure.

Approaching high-influencers is tricky though. They’re bombarded with lots of requests for different things; guest posting, product reviews, speaking opportunities and interviews. But, having a guest post interview is a two-way tool; it brings exposure to the company’s brand and connects bloggers with quality brands and causes.

So, how can you get high-profile bloggers to guest post for you?

Make it as easy as possible. Don’t ask them to come up with questions, but instead, compile a list of relevant, interesting questions to present to the blogger.

Keep the interview questions to a minimum. I would suggest anywhere from 7-10 questions, but make them extremely rich and insightful. Make the questions interesting enough to capture and hold the reader’s attention.

Compile other information from across the web to go along with your interview. You may find another interview done previously that you’d like to include with yours. Ask permission to first do this and don’t copy the interview word-for-word. Use quotes and paraphrase where needed. Refer and link back to the original article as well.

Ask for an audio interview, only if this is easier and more conducive for the blogger’s style.

Ask the blogger for permissive links when you publish the interview.

What other methods do you employ for guest post interviews? Do you think high-profile bloggers would readily do more blogger interviews if these methods were utilized frequently?

If you’re interested in guest posting for us here at BlogBash, send me an email with Guest Blogger in the subject line. Contact me at blogging [at] blogdash [dot][com] so we can discuss it more. Thanks!

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