3 Ways to Target Bloggers

3 Ways to Target Bloggers

Target Bloggers

You’ve got a great company, with an excellent product, but don’t know the best way to advertise it. Blogger marketing works every time! That’s because bloggers blog about a myriad of things all over the web. They share their own individual message about a product, brand, person or idea that affects them. They blog about it, and often the results of their blogs can affect the minds and decisions of their readers. How should you target bloggers?

Bloggers are effective for companies and brands because they carry influence. People tend to connect to (good) bloggers fairly quickly, especially if the blogger is offering something valueable and beneficial to the readers.

Each business has its own unique style. It could be its unique product or service, or in the way that the business delivers what they sell. Or, it could be its competitive costs or high quality. A company’s unique style is often the decision-maker for clients and customers.

What makes your company unique?

How do you convey your company’s unique-ness?

If your company’s goal is to target and convert customers, targeted blogger marketing is likely going to be the most advantageous method to use. A well-executed blogger outreach campaign includes a few key targets:

  1. You must know exactly whom you are targeting. A tightly-focused blogger outreach campaign should result in your product or service being paired with professional, influential bloggers. What kind of bloggers would suit your campaign best? If your company sells business paper products, target bloggers in the media/publishing industry. If you’ve written and published a grilling cookbook best-seller, target bloggers in the food industry.
  2. You must know the best, most efficient use of your campaign efforts. Sure, you could spend hours and hours scouring the web in search for the right bloggers for your campaign, but not only is that effort not super efficient, it’s lackluster in results. You need to maximize the use of tools and resources that are going to help you reach your end goal. Do you know how many forums and chat boards you’d have to log into to find the right blogger for your brand?
  3. You must be able to offer value to the blogger in return for their services. This is the “what’s-in-it-for-me?” that everybody wants to know. All bloggers aren’t necessarily interested in this, but most professional bloggers are. Whether they’re interested in helping their readers (with opinions, reviews, etc.) or in being compensated, bloggers want to know how blogging about your brand or service is going to help them, their blog or their readers. Make it clear what benefits exist so that the blogger is compelled to blog about you.

Do you see or have you ever utilized blogger marketing? What methods do you currently use for blogger outreach campaigns?

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