Blogger Outreach Campaigns

7 mistakes you should avoid in your next email outreach campaign

Any well-established blogger will tell you that the most effective way of gaining organic traffic and getting conversions is  doing email outreach campaign. However, there are common pitfalls that can lead you down a spiral of no replies and gain you nothing but frustration. If you are a newbie, your messages will often be ignored when you reach out. This ... Read More »

How to Attract Guest Bloggers

Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Guest Bloggers Interested in having a high-profile guest bloggers or influencers write a post for your brand? If you’re in the marketing business, then you know the amount of impact this could have on your brand and your exposure. Approaching high-influencers is tricky though. They’re bombarded with lots of requests for different things; guest posting, product reviews, speaking opportunities and ... Read More »

New Blogging Campaign!

Blogging Campaign

Blogging Campaign We are looking for a large number of bloggers to help us with our new blogging campaign. We have over 50 topic titles that we need written. The subject matter includes main blogging categories in: – Finance – Education – Fashion – Lifestyle – Technical Blogging Campaign Requirements If you have knowledge or experience in any of these ... Read More »

Weekly Blogger Outreach Roundup

Influencer Marketing

Blogger Outreach Today, I wanted to share with you some really good gems that I’ve run across on the web this week that’s about Blogger Outreach. Some of these article pieces are targeted specifically to clients who want to grow their businesses using bloggers and some of them focus on showing bloggers how they can build a solid presence and get noticed ... Read More »

Fashion Blogger Needed!

Fashion Blogger Are you a fashion blogger or do you like fashion? No, do you LOVE fashion? Do you enjoy talking about it, writing about it and everything about FASHION! Then you’re the blogger that our clients are looking for. Proceed to the main Blogdash page and complete a blogger’s profile if you haven’t already. We currently have a need ... Read More »

3 Ways to Target Bloggers

Target Bloggers

Target Bloggers You’ve got a great company, with an excellent product, but don’t know the best way to advertise it. Blogger marketing works every time! That’s because bloggers blog about a myriad of things all over the web. They share their own individual message about a product, brand, person or idea that affects them. They blog about it, and often ... Read More »