New features coming soon on BlogDash


BlogDash As we stated when launching BlogDash 2.0 back in March, we’re getting bigger and better when it comes to providing you with a complete blogger outreach solution. Since then, the number of people that have registered for our service has increased exponentially. We are thankful for the continuing trust you have placed in us! As always, your feedback helped ... Read More »

Welcome to BlogDash 2.0 !

Monetize Your Blog

It’s been a year since we released our first version of BlogDash. Since that day, we’ve learned a great deal about what it takes to build a platform that truly changes the way you do blogger outreach. Whether you’re a business or a blogger, you can now sign up and use BlogDash for free. Today, we are proud to welcome ... Read More »

BlogDash Just Got A LOT Cheaper

Know what’s awesome?  When things get cheaper… This weekend we released a big update of BlogDash, fixing a lot of the bugs that you reported (thanks) and switching to a new, super cheap pricing option. That’s right… you now have two simple, and super cheap options when signing up for BlogDash. Why have we changed the pricing?  You have all ... Read More »

Welcome BlogDash to Primetime!

I am so extremely excited to announce that BlogDash is now launched to the public! That”s right…we are no longer in alpha. My hands are shaking! I want to thank our amazing alpha testers for doing an outstanding job using the site, finding bugs and giving us feedback.  We couldn”t have created this site without you. So what does this ... Read More »

Welcome to the BlogDash Alpha Launch!

That’s right…the wait, for some of you, is over. The BlogDash alpha is now live! What does that mean? For professionals, businesses, agencies etc… we are in private alpha.  Invite only. You might have an invite in your inbox.  If you don’t, don’t fret.  We will be inviting more in a second round. If you didn’t get an invite and ... Read More »