Why Should You Add a Category to Your Blog Within BlogDash?

Why Should You Add a Category to Your Blog Within BlogDash?

Dear bloggers, did you select a channel?

Blog Category

When you create a blogger account within BlogDash’s platform, we will ask you to add your blogsite. It’s very important that you associate a category to your blog. If you don’t add a category to your blog, the system will place it under “Uncategorized”.

Most of the campaigns running in BlogDash are attached to a particular channel. It could be Fashion or Food and Drink or Technology, etc… When we create campaigns within our system, we will pick the blogs that best match with each campaign topic. Mean, we will filter the sites by category.

If your site is listed as “Uncategorized” you may not receive as many paid opportunities as you could. Similarly, if you have selected a channel that is not closely related to the topic of your blog, BlogDash and our clients may not send you as many pitches as we would like to.

That said, we strongly recommend that you check your profile and make sure you have selected a category appropriate to your blog topic. You can change your channel under the Bio tab of the Profile section of your BlogDash account.

Many Blogs: Do you have several blogs? Why not add them all? You will increase your chances of getting more opportunities. ATTENTION: please make sure to add your blog home page URL and not the URL of a specific article you have written, otherwise, it will not feature in BlogDash. Also, please select the category that best match with each site topic.

In another hand

If you create an account and/or subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive notifications about paid business opportunities from us, from our clients that are using our platform and tips about how to grow your business.

However, if our emails aren’t getting through to you, you will miss these important offers and tips and you won’t receive the full benefit of being a BlogDash Community Member.

To make sure nothing from BlogDash slips through the cracks, please add the BlogDash email address to your email white list (blogging @ blogdash.com). A whitelist is a list in which you include all Email addresses you want to receive in order to prevent they are blocked.

Also, make sure your email address for your BlogDash account is valid and up to date. Clients will communicate with you through email.

If you have any question about this post or about BlogDash in general, please Contact Us or leave your question in the comments box below.

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About Author: Hi, I’m Ana Maria De La Cruz, a Content Marketing Specialist. I help businesses create engagement by publishing relevant content to their blogs, build domain and search engine authority through Link Building, and increasing exposure and building larger brand awareness through Blogging Outreach. Need help? Let me know.

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