How to Respond to an Opportunity

How to Respond to an Opportunity

How to Respond to an Opportunity through BlogDash

BlogDash is a Blogger Outreach Platform for bloggers who accept business blogging opportunities. If you’ve created a blogger account in BlogDash and become a member of our community, you may receive pitches from businesses that want you to participate in their blogger outreach campaigns. In this article, you will find out on how to respond to an opportunity.

When a client pitches you, you will receive an email alert (make sure to add BlogDash emails to your safe senders list) asking you to log in to BlogDash and view the opportunity. This is an automated email generated by our system. Please do not reply directly to this email, as clients will not be able to see the text of this email response. Instead, log in to your BlogDash account and check out the opportunity ASAP. Clients often have a deadline for completing their blogger outreach campaigns, so it is important that you respond to opportunities you receive as quickly as possible.

When you are logged in to your account, go to the “My Pitches” section. Go through the opportunity and make sure you understand the client’s campaign goal. If the opportunity interests you, click on the button “Interested” and leave a message for the client about how much time you will need to complete the opportunity and let them know about any questions you have, if applicable.

If the opportunity interests you but the compensation doesn’t meet your expectations, please click on the button “Interested” and write down your target rate. Clients may still consider you to participate at your target rate.

If the opportunity doesn’t interest you, click on the button “Decline.” Leave a message for the client telling him/her why you’ve declined the opportunity. This will help the client to create better opportunities in the future that are of interest to more bloggers.

Again, the alert you receive when a client sends you a pitch is a system generated message. Please do not reply to that email. To view the detailed pitch, participate in the campaign, and communicate directly with the client you need to log in to your BlogDash account, click on the “My Pitches” section and let businesses know whether you are interested in the opportunity or not.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need further assistance.

Thank you for being a member of BlogDash community!

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