Why You Should Fill Out Your Pitch Policy and How to Do It

Why You Should Fill Out Your Pitch Policy and How to Do It

Why fill out your pitch policy?

If you created a blogger account with BlogDash and your blog was approved and verified by our staff you should not wait to fill out your pitch policy.

What do we mean by “Pitch Policy”? The pitch policy is a series of questions we ask you to answer to make sure we match you as best we can to the opportunities you are most interested in working on.

why to fill out the pitch policy

What kind of opportunities are you looking for? Are they paid opportunities only? Are you open to receiving products/gifts or other types of compensation? In the pitch policy, you can let our clients know what type of opportunities you are open to and, just as important, what kind of opportunities you don’t want to receive.

The pitch policy also allows you to speak about your expertise and tell clients what kinds of topics you write about. You can also specify your fees for sponsored posts. By doing this, you avoid getting pitches that don’t meet your expectations. If your rate is negotiable, we recommend you mention that in your pitch policy as well.

Another great reason to complete your pitch policy is because bloggers with completed pitch policies are given priority in our database search results. This means that if you didn’t fill out your pitch policy, clients may not see your profile even if your blog content matches with the product and/or service they want to promote. Completing your pitch policy will make you more visible to our clients and increase your chances of receiving pitches – meaning you can make more money doing what you love to do!

So make the most out of your BlogDash account and complete your pitch policy to get more chances to receive the blogging opportunities you’re most interested in!

How to fill out your pitch policy

Not sure where to go to fill out your pitch policy? Follow these steps:

1- Log in to your BlogDash account,
2- Click on the “Profile” tab,
3- Click on the sub-tab “Pitch Policy”,
4- Fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible,
5- Click on the “Save Settings” button when finished.

It’s as simple as that!

how to fill out the pitch policy

Please note: If you haven’t filled out your pitch policy yet, we will be sending you up to 3 reminders to do so. If after the third reminder you still have not completed it, we will consider you as an inactive blogger who is not interested in receiving opportunities from our clients and we will remove your profile from the BlogDash platform.

Our goal is to bring you as many opportunities as possible that are of interest to both you and your readers. We want to keep you happy. However, if you no longer wish to be a BlogDash member, you may cancel your account at any time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Thank you for creating a blogger account with us!

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