Why am I not getting enough pitches on BlogDash?

Why am I not getting enough pitches on BlogDash?

If you’ve created a blogger account at BlogDash and you think you aren’t receiving as many pitches as you should, please check out this information about you and your blog. Take the time to ensure that you’re following these steps to creating a complete and successful profile in BlogDash that will appeal to our clients and make them want to pitch you:

Getting pitches

Safe List: Did you add BlogDash emails to your safe list? Double check your spam folder every now and then to make sure our emails aren’t getting lost in your inbox and add us to your safe senders list – you may be getting pitches you didn’t even know about! So to ensure delivery to your inbox (not bulk or junk folders), please add our e-mail address to your address book.

Your Email: Make sure your email address for your BlogDash account is valid and up-to-date. Clients will communicate with you through email.

Channel: Did you select a channel? Most of the campaigns running in BlogDash are attached to a particular channel, for example, Fashion or Food and Drink. If your profile is listed as “Uncategorized” you may not receive as many opportunities. Similarly, if you have selected a channel that is not closely related to the topic of your blog, clients may not send you as many pitches. We strongly recommend that you check your profile and make sure you have selected a category appropriate to your blog topic. You can change your channel under the Bio tab of the Profile section of your BlogDash account.

Pitch Policy: Did you fill out your pitch policy? Bloggers with completed pitch policies have priority in our search results. Also by filling out the Pitch Policy, you can choose the kind of opportunities that you are open to being contacted about. You can edit your Pitch Policy in the Profile section of your account, under the Pitch Policy tab.

How to complete the pitch policy

Photo + Bio: Did you add a photo and a quick biography to your profile? Clients want to know who they’re working with, by providing a photo it allows them to place a face with the skill set and experience that is being showcased on the blogger’s profile. Make sure you tell clients why they should consider you when doing their blogging outreach campaigns.

Add photo a biography to your profile

Location: Did you add your location (country, state, and city)? Make sure to put your city in the text box provided for “Location” in the Bio tab of the Profile section of your account. Many clients use our location filter while creating their opportunities. Make sure your location is accurate in your profile because we have clients from all over the world and for some of them it matters where bloggers are located.

Klout Score: Our clients almost always want to know what bloggers’ Klout Scores are before sending them a pitch. This is why the BlogDash search filters prioritize those bloggers who have a Klout Score. The Klout Score is an indicator for our clients about your influence in the social world. Unfortunately, you do not show up in search results when clients apply the Klout filter. If you don’t have a Klout Score check out the Klout website for more information on how to get one.

klout score and social accounsSocial Accounts: Of course, we can’t ignore social media accounts. Do you have a Twitter account? A Facebook account? Google+? Pinterest? Instagram? YouTube? Why not add them all to your profile? This is an important factor for clients because they want to see bloggers who are active in the social media world. Additionally, most of our clients will ask bloggers who participate in their blogger outreach campaigns to share their posts in their social accounts. Clients are able to search for BlogDash bloggers based on their social media followings so we strongly suggest you add all of your accounts to your profile to give them the best chance of finding you.

Blogs: Do you have several blogs? Why not add them all? You will increase your chances of getting more opportunities. ATTENTION: please make sure to add your blog home page URL and not the URL of a specific article you have written, otherwise, it will not feature in BlogDash.
We hope these tips can help you boost your business with BlogDash and getting pitches. We are here for you, so don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or need any help. And please share this post with your fellow bloggers and your audience so they can take advantage of the opportunities available as well!

Thank you for being part of BlogDash!

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