How to Create a Blogger Account in BlogDash

How to Create a Blogger Account in BlogDash

If you are new to BlogDash and want to create a blogger account, we invite you to read this post. And if you already have a blogger account but want to see if you’ve completed all of the steps to ensure your profile is successful and will appeal to our clients, we have plenty of great tips for you below. Read on!

Steps to create a blogger account

Have you set up a blogger profile on BlogDash yet? That’s what you’ll need to do before we can pitch any blogging opportunities to you. Here are the steps to create a blogger account and getting opportunities flowing your way:

1- In BlogDash’s navigation menu, click on “Are you a Blogger?” or click here. When the page opens, scroll down. You will find a button on the middle of the page called “Register as a BlogDash blogger.” Please click on this button or any one of the registration buttons located on this page.

2- When you click on this button, you will see a window pop-up where you can input all of your information. If you prefer, you can simply link your account to one of the three social networks proposed (Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin) if you have an account in those media platforms. Your information will be pulled from the site you choose and used to autofill as much of the registration form as possible.

3- Or you can just fill out the requested information in the form. When you done, simply click on the button “Create a free blogger account.”

creating a blogger accountAfter completing these simple steps, your basic blogger’s profile is set up and ready to be customized.

We will send you an email to validate your email address. Please don’t forget to click on it. Additionally, to ensure BlogDash emails are delivered to your inbox (not bulk or junk folders) and you never miss an opportunity you’ve been pitched, please immediately add our e-mail address to your address book or safe senders list.

Once you’ve validated your email address, be sure to complete your full profile. Read on for tips and suggestions for making your profile eye catching and appealing to our clients so they will want to send you their pitches.

Add your blogs. ATTENTION: please make sure to add your blog home page URL and not the URL of a specific article you have written, otherwise, it will not feature in BlogDash.

Please note, we manually verify each blog submitted. Your blogger profile will not be put online until we validate it. If we determine that your blog respects our policies and meets our clients’ criteria, it will be accepted and your profile will go live on BlogDash and be searchable by our clientele. Otherwise, we will remove it from our network.

To increase your chances of receiving more opportunities, we strongly recommend you to add our badge to your blog. You can find different badges in the “Badges” section of your account. You can choose the one that best fits with your blog and personal preferences.

Add your personal information to your profile: select a channel. Channels help our clients to quickly identify the blogs that are most relevant to the promotion they wish to run. Most of the campaigns running in BlogDash are attached to a particular channel. Make sure you have selected a channel appropriate to your blog topic.

Add a photo and a quick biography. Make sure you tell clients why they should consider you when doing their blogger outreach campaigns. Adding your location is VERY important as well since clients often run campaigns targeting particular areas of the world. And don’t forget to fill out the Pitch Policy and add all of your social media accounts. Save your information.

profile with photo and biography

If you want to know if you’ve added all the necessary information to make a successful profile in BlogDash that will appeal to our clients and make them want to pitch you, I invite you to read this post Why You Should Fill Out Your Pitch Policy and How to Do It.

If you have any questions or concern, we’re always glad to hear from you. Please get in touch with us.

Are you ready to try BlogDash as a blogger? Create a free blogger account.

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