Top 3 Benefits of Using a Blogger Outreach Tool as Opposed to Doing it Yourself

Top 3 Benefits of Using a Blogger Outreach Tool as Opposed to Doing it Yourself

Many brands are engaging with bloggers to expand their marketing strategy. It is the right way to go since bloggers gain consumers’ trust in a way that advertising cannot. The question isn’t why they have or haven’t begun using blogger outreach. The real question is, are they using a blogger outreach tool to help them find and engage with these bloggers, or are they doing it themselves?

If you have already tried reaching out to the right bloggers to talk about your brand, you know the process is difficult enough. Bloggers have many opportunities coming their way and don’t always respond in a timely fashion. Getting a hold of the right blogger for your niche can be a tedious task. Using a blogger outreach tool can change that for it helps you build relationships with them.

Here are just a few benefits and reasons why using a blogger outreach tool is worth the investment.

Benefit #1: Access to hundreds of thousands of bloggers

A blogger outreach tool grants you access to bloggers perfect for your niche. A smart tool offers search filters that allow you to input exactly what you are searching for and get great results every single time. Take BlogDash for example. Our database consists only of bloggers that wish to be pitched to, so you never have to worry about inconveniencing them again. Roughly 200,000 bloggers are part of our community and the number rises everyday, making content consistently fresh.

Benefit #2: Less time wasted

A great blogger outreach tool enables you to pitch to a bunch of influencers at once, saving you time. Rather than spending countless hours researching an individual blogger on the web, and sending him/her a message that may not be well received, using a tool can eliminate much of the back and forth. Of course, the website should be structured in a user friendly way, making the experience a pleasant one.

Benefit #3: More cost effective

Not only does “doing it yourself” require time and patience, it requires money, and building long lasting relationships with influencers becomes extremely difficult. What a tool can do is put you in contact with bloggers that are open to negotiations and likely to become repeat writers. Once you send them multiple opportunities, trust is built and the sky’s the limit.

Feel free to let us know what you think of this article by leaving us a comment. How difficult is pitching a blogger on your own, as opposed to using a tool to help you?

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