If Golf Is Your Business, The Top Golf Publications Are Your Best Friends

If Golf Is Your Business, The Top Golf Publications Are Your Best Friends

Have you ever been perusing your golf magazine of choice, either in hand or online, and said to yourself: “We need to be on that page!” But you thought that was a pipe dream?

Maybe you thought you were too small to be noticed; maybe you thought the cost of getting their attention would be prohibitive; maybe you tried to reach out to them yourself and were rebuffed or simply ignored.

Well, now, today, you’ve got the opportunity to put your name front and center on their radar.

How? Here’s How To Get Your Name On Their Radar


Brand mention on top golf media world

We enjoy strong relationships with the titans of the golf media worldsuch as Golf Digest, Golf Monthly, Golf Magazine, GolfWRX, and many more. And we’re ready to use that relationship to get your brand the attention it deserves.

Would you like Golf Digest to review your latest golfwear? Or Golf World to come check out your PGA-quality destination? Or Golf Monthly to take your latest club line for a swing?

Well, that pipe dream has become a reality with custom blogger outreach marketing campaigns from Blogdash – where PR meets SEO!

Here’s how it works:

We’ll tell the top ten golf publications all about you, and while we can’t guarantee you’ll be featured in a particular publication, we can guarantee that one of them will accept your brand mention.

It’s that simple.

Not only does your brand reap the prestige of a bold mention in a world-class golf publication, you’ll be able to prominently display their logo on your site. The result? Your credibility goes through the roof.

Now that’s how you do PR in 2015!

We can even arrange for a video review of your product or service. These are becoming bigger than ever and have been proven to be the most effective at drumming up enthusiasm for a brand. A few good video reviews, and your products practically sell themselves.

That’s just step one.

We’ll follow that up by introducing your name to five or ten of the most recognized golf bloggers online today.

They in turn will give your product a full review, and perhaps even put a video review on their YouTube channel. YouTube is right behind Google as the second most popular search engine on the web today.

Each of these bloggers will also tell their social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc. all about you. This is how your brand recognition begins to truly take flight.

Plus, every site that mentions your brand will also add a ‘dofollow’ link back to your site, improving your search engine positioning immensely. This is where the power of SEO can work wonders for your brand.

A custom Golf Industry blogger outreach marketing campaign from Blogdash gives you all this and more.


Get your name on top Golf Publications

So if you’re serious about going pro – exploding your brand across the web — get in touch today with the Top Golf Publications.

Our Brand Mention Expert Steve Kolouris is standing by to show you exactly how this would work, answer any questions you have, and get the ball rolling on what could be a pivotal growth period for your company. Just shoot him an email at steve@blogdash.com or call us here 514-247-5076.

P.S. If you get on this today, there’s a $500 rebate in it for you, so if you’re gonna do it, now’s the time. Even if you’re simply curious and want to find out more, we’re here to help. We’re confident that once you realize the potential this holds for your brand, you’ll be savvy enough to jump onboard right away.

It starts with a simple email or phone call: steve@blogdash.com or 514-247-5076.

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