BlogDash Platform and Services

BlogDash Platform and Services

Here at BlogDash, we are constantly tweaking and making changes to our platform to make it the most efficient and user-friendly software tool available online. We’ve worked and continue to work hard to make BlogDash the best platform for connecting businesses and bloggers because we want all of our users to be able to make the most of their time and easily establish productive working relationships with one another. The BlogDash Platform and our Blogger Outreach Services are frequently reassessed and updated to keep them fresh, creative and competitive.

BlogDash Services

BlogDash ServicesWe have created a variety of blogger outreach services to meet our clients’ demands.

Brand Mentions: We’ve all seen how a mention on a big-name, top-tier site like the Huffington Post, Forbes, Mashable, etc., can act as a real boon for the featured business, helping them to build trust with consumers and increase their brand credibility, and, consequently, giving their conversion rates an always-appreciated boost. Our Brand Mentions Program is designed to help you take advantage of the reach of online publishing heavyweights.

With this program, we’ll include a quote presenting you as an industry authority in a proper context within articles that we publish on well-respected top-tier online publications. Plus, we’ll commission an agreed upon number of relevant top bloggers from our extensive network to write blog posts about your company that will include a link to this article as well as a link to your site to further boost the buzz around your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about this service, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

Campaign Complete: When you opt for our Campaign Complete service you get a customized blogger outreach campaign, designed according to your company needs and specifications. You tell us your target market, the number and type of bloggers you’d like to participate, what you’d like the bloggers to promote, and then we take it from there. This is a full service solution with every client being assigned a dedicated blogger outreach specialist who will keep them informed every step of the way. Learn more about the Campaign Complete here.

Jumpstart: The Jumpstart service is a great option for small to medium-sized businesses that want to give blogger outreach a try and see if it fits with their marketing strategy. Businesses just need to define the campaign’s target and goals; BlogDash will take care of the rest. This means finding, pitching, negotiating with, and paying bloggers. You can find more information about the JumpStart here.

BlogDash Platform

BlogDash softwareOne of the main things we work towards with our system is to make it as visually appealing and as user-friendly as possible. We believe that design should facilitate function, never hinder it. We know our clients want to connect with the most relevant bloggers for their campaigns so we’ve worked hard to implement software components that will allow them to do just that. Our team of experienced customer service and sales professionals helps us to hone in on what clients’ needs are and place before them the products that will answer those needs.

We’ve also worked to develop a strong connection with our bloggers in order to build an engaged and active community. Since we began asking bloggers to contribute posts to the BlogDash blog, we’ve seen a marked increase in blogger participation and interaction. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and initiatives to implement that will help us strengthen our community and provide more value to our bloggers. If you want to learn more on how to submit a post to BlogDash’s Blog, I invite you to read this article “How to Submit a Guest Post to BlogDash”.

Unlimited Access to the software:

A BlogDash Unlimited subscription is a great option for brands and PR agencies that have the resources and know-how to run their own blogger outreach campaigns but are looking for ways to make the process simpler and more streamlined. Developed on the basis of the FREPT (Find, Research, Engage, Pitch, and Track) model of blogger outreach, our software provides Unlimited subscribers with all the tools they need to be able to manage their blogger outreach campaigns from start to finish. With BlogDash Unlimited you can create as many campaigns as you wish, use our wide variety of filters to precisely identify the right bloggers for each of your campaigns, pitch bloggers your opportunities and engage with them to create long-lasting, meaningful business partnerships.

What We’re Working On

A common problem for many blogger is that they are often pitched opportunities that do not match their skills or experience. The BlogDash platform answers this problem with specially designed software that eliminates mismatches. If bloggers fill out their Pitch Policy in full, they will never have to worry about being mismatched with opportunities because we’ve ensured in our updates that, by using targeted keywords and phrases, they’ll be pitched the most desirable opportunities.

As we continue to update our system and service programs, we always wish to keep bloggers and clients top of mind. We pay close attention to their needs, their comments and their dislikes with the ultimate objective being that we are able to deliver ideal results to both sides at all times.

If you have any comments for us, please feel free to add them below or get in touch with us using the form on our Contact Page. And if you’re a business interested in the BlogDash platform, you can create a Free Business Account to access a limited trial of the software and check out our network of bloggers for yourself.

Thank you for using the BlogDash platform!


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