The Psychology of Blogging – Why People Blog

The Psychology of Blogging – Why People Blog

Blogging only started about 20 years ago. A blogger’s goal back then was solely to share their thoughts and feelings about a particular topic with people they knew, similar to an online diary. Today, blogs reach people from all over the globe and can be used for numerous purposes. With millions of them out there in the blogosphere, we thought it would be interesting to share with you the top reasons why we believe people blog.

Top reasons why people blog

To be creative

Blogs can be used as outlets to be creative. Coming up with new and fresh content every week is hard work and requires a kind of creativity that encourages people to read on. No matter how greatly you have mastered the art of search engine optimization or marketing, you can always improve your writing skills so keep at it, and the ideas will continue to flow.

To inform people about their products

The best way to educate people on what you sell is to share valuable content with them through blogs. Relatively all businesses today have a blog which they use to push content out there. The more quality content that goes out, the higher the chances of Google indexing you, thus making you more searchable online.

To network

People love to participate in online discussions. A great way to connect with people is through blog posts. When interested readers wish to give you their opinion, believe us when we say, they will! Give them a reason to reach out and get the conversation going. Of course, social media tools simplify the way information is shared and creates countless opportunities to network with other people who share the same interests.

To build credibility

Do you ever find yourself searching something online, typing what you’re looking for into the search engine box and clicking on one of the top 3 results? That’s because you are more likely to trust the information you see at the top. When you blog well and blog often, you increase your chances of big publications picking up you content and sharing it with their followers. This is critical when building credibility online.

If you are reading this and own a blog, we encourage you to share the link with us below. You may gain more views, dedicated followers, and in some cases turn your leads into customers!

So why do you blog?

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