How To Write For The Web

How To Write For The Web

Best practices to write for the web

Following on from the recent post discussing writer’s block and its causes and having taken the first step of recognizing that even some of the all-time great writers have at times been afflicted, I will now cover some of the ways of addressing the problem and tell you how to write for the web.

The problem

Writers like to think of themselves as artists and indeed they are but it is also a job just like any other. We have to work consistently as everyone else does and not only when the mood takes us or creativity seems to be optimum.

The solution

a- Become a journalist: Try changing your perception of your vocation and move away from the artist mentality. Instead of considering yourself to be a writer, I suggest you picture yourself as a journalist. A journalist sits at a desk each day and produces a constant stream of work and must regulate him/herself and conform to required deadlines.

You are a professional and regulating your productivity in this manner should ensure a constant flow of work. It may not be your finest, most accomplished material but you are skilled at what you do and you will still maintain quality.

b- Set a schedule: Set yourself a schedule and stick to it. However much time you decide to allocate can reflect your own circumstances but choose a defined amount of time to work each day, sit yourself down at your desk, open your laptop and write. Keep to a set timetable that suits and make no excuses. Select 10am-2pm on a Monday for example and turn up every time. Being late for work or non-attendance is not acceptable in any other profession and neither should it be so for you.


Following these guidelines should help to maintain productivity and in the next post I shall try to assist with the issue of sourcing inspiration. In keeping with the style of this series I’ve posted a few quotes from prominent writers that are applicable.

Do you have more tips on how to write for the web? Please share them in the comment section below.


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