Common Blogging Mistakes to avoid

Common Blogging Mistakes to avoid

Common Blogging Mistakes

Many of us have heard the term “Blog and Blogging”. However, very few of us really know the real meaning or understand what it is all about. In the very beginning, the term was used for the personal weblog, wherein a person would write and journal about his/her day. The term “Blog” was derived from the term “Web Log”. A blog can be called a short form used in place of the term Weblog and both are used interchangeably.

Now, the term Blog has been heard about a lot and you wish to know and understand the meaning. A blog is said to be a frequently updated online personal diary or journal. It provides a platform to vent out and express you to the world through the power of the internet. It is something to jot down thoughts and passions. In other words, it can be your own website that you keep on updating on regular basis.

It is also like most of the other innovations in the web world is commonly known as the Internet, the marketing potential was perceived as having a blog, and blogging activities started setting a new trend. A blog can be used for the purpose of marketing and also an opportunity for home business.

For all the naïve and beginner bloggers who are wishing to make their career in the same field. The common mistakes that most of the bloggers commit along with some hacks to zero down those mistakes.

Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Thinking of Ideas in Vacuum

The ideas can come any random times: It can be under the shower, while busy on the phone while running etc. Although, the ideas come at a random time they should not be treated randomly. The blogging is meant to grow the business so all the ideas should serve the same goal. They should be intended to answer the concerns of prospective and existing customers.

Sophisticate Writing stuff

The blogger should keep in mind that too sophisticated writing can bring you more marks in the exam, but the reader of the blog may not enjoy reading the same. Your writing style should be appealing and keep the reader curious to an extent that the reader reads the full content. Therefore, as a solution, it is advised to write the way you talk. The customer likes to do business with real people not with robots. You should avoid jargon, loosen your writing and throw concentration.

The Attitude of an Author

You should not feel like a seasoned author. When you are new, no one seems to be interested in you and your experience. They are interested in what they are being taught. Therefore, it is advised not to show your personality but tell them to make them feel more comfortable. You can try to infuse the parts of your personality in case of writing a blog. While you infuse personality in your writing effort, try to correlate yourself as you are also part of the same.

Non-specific or too broad Topics

In the beginning, they have lots of ideas and start blogging and write on too broad topics like.

How to Make Money on the Internet

Business Best Practices

How to Do Social Media Marketing etc.

The topics stated above are too broad and the interpretation is not easy to handle. Moreover, the specific topics are not effective in attracting the target audience but tend to convert more leads into customers. In order to avail both short-term and long-term benefits of blogging, you need to be very specific. In order to resolve this, you have to choose very specific topics is crucial. Once you are concentrating on a specific topic it gets easier blogging.

You are not done unless Editing is Complete

It is sometimes the scenario that most of the authors think they are done with their writing. But that is not the case, you are not done unless the editing is complete. The solution to this mistake is to spare 15-30 minutes just for editing, no matter the need is there or not still you will have to follow the process religiously.

Not Concentrating on Growing Number of Subscribers

It usually happens that once you start writing blogs, you don’t even concentrate on blogging anymore. But it works as a key to generate a better business outcome in terms of more leads, increased traffic, and conversion of more leads into a customer. As a solution, you can set up email marketing tool and send the welcome emails to new subscribers and also regular emails to existing subscribers about your new blog.

In Pursuit of making every Post Perfect 

You spend too many efforts in making all posts the perfect one. There are other things to make your post better like Witter Jokes, Images, Better Phrasing etc.

The Solution: In case there is a feeling of something missing or doubt like of having factual inaccuracies or may be grammatical errors. It is ok to sometime just drop it for some time or maybe to just post rather than wasting time and efforts on the same.

Lack of Consistency in Blogging

It is prominent and crystal clear that more often you blog, the more traffic will be there on your website, which eventually brings more leads and more conversions. But in case no regular blogging efforts have put the popularity of the website will go down eventually.

The Solution: You can use an editorial calendar and get into the habit of planning blog posts, consistent publishing, and scheduling the posts in advance.

More Analysis converts into Paralysis

This is very common mistake among the new bloggers that more analysis that converts into paralysis. The new bloggers concentrate more on the immediate traffic and think of their blogging success based on that.

The Solution: It is always better to focus on the ultimate cumulative potential which is generated organically. In order to help drive more traffic, or long-term traffic, the blog posts you write needs to be relevant and consistent.

Copied and Pasted Content

It is better not having the blog post content posted in case it is copied. As it is going to bring you more of the bad word rather than the good words. The copy even didn’t work in your school time, and it is not going to definitely work in running your business as well. It has been seen that many bloggers think they can do their work with copy and paste technique. In case you are found using the copied and pasted content, the Google penalize you and the ranking of your website.

The Solution: It is better to cite the content of others rather than just copy and pasting. It is not rocket science, in fact, it is very necessary to learn the same.

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