7 Secrets of Professional Writers Every Blogger Should Know

7 Secrets of Professional Writers Every Blogger Should Know

Every reader bears the gift or ability to identify a great blogger when one appears. Writers who engage in terrible kind of writing, unattractive images and the constant grammatical errors end up drowning in a pool exile from the exciting and fun world that is blogging. Furthermore, when a writer thinks and spends too much time before putting to word each point in a given topic, the style of writing goes through an even more challenging phase.

It is crucial always to bear in mind that top bloggers are recognized for their concise wording patterns, creativity and most importantly, dedication. Such will go an extra mile in ensuring broader and faster connection with the readers or audience as well as increasing your fan base. Here are seven captivating steps that are sure to transform your blogging ideas and skills.

  1. Write Content That Is Useful And Relatable

It is true that sharing with your audience your personal life experiences do wonders for your blog. However, your content should also come with valuable articles and posts that people from all over the world will refer to on the World Wide Web to get solutions to their problems or questions. It doesn’t matter on your area of industry, whether you want to concentrate on fashion, traveling, or medicine, among many others, identifying and addressing your readers questions will help in building a loyal and trusted audience.

  1. Concentrate More On What Other People Are Searching

When it comes to the crafting of useful, eye-catching, and captivating articles, every writer or blogger, in this case, should know the trending topics existing within the public, for example through forums such as Reddit and Quora. Here, you can go through various comments and offer feedback via email in an effort of discovering what forms their subject of interest. It’s evident that by paying more attention to issues affecting the majority of people, bloggers tend to increase the probability of improved comments, shares and eventually, a huge number of followers.

  1. Avoid Clichés

Shared and overused quotes and phrases are more invasive and systemic than most people would want to imagine. Such ideas or expressions lost their force and zeal because of being put to use regularly. Therefore, it reaches a point where it emerges as drab or meaningless. Some examples of clichés include:

  1. In this day and age.’
  2. ‘Never a dull moment.’
  3. ‘Given the green light.’
  4. ‘Rose to great heights.’
  5. ‘Calm before the storm.’

The phrases mentioned above are just but a grain of sand in the hourglass, and they end up causing readers to ignore your posts as well as exposing you as a fraud or amateur writer. Clichés appear to point out exactly what we intend to say. Therefore, it is enticing to hold on to these put to the test expressions.

  1. Let Your Speech Dictate Your Writing

Bloggers and writers as a whole should learn they are not always required to use complete sentences but only need to exercise a conversational tone. A blog is a friendly exchange of words between friends for the sole purpose of entertainment and provision of information. It is hence, not an academic thesis, or lecture. In a nutshell, if you don’t intend to phrase your topic in a casual conversation, then refrain from the beautiful and fun world of blogging.

  1. Do Not Hold Back, Reach For The Highest Levels Of Excellence

Let’s assume you are a travel blogger, for example. What would you include in your content? With this respect, you should include events such as a camping experience in the African Tropics, or even a death-defying moment while climbing Mount Everest. Also, to make your blog awesome and tremendous, provide a balance between the images and content. Lastly, to ensure that your blog is top notch, always keep in mind the importance of sharing exciting stories and personal experiences at certain points in time.

  1. Take Advantage Of Guest Posting

If you’re a new or beginner blogger or even an experienced one, offering to write for popular or famous blogs will go a long way in ensuring that you attract more readers to your blog. Furthermore, the practice ensures that you get hold of follower goldmines. An extended advantage to this is also that, as a writer, it broadens your professional credibility and improves your online existence as well as ensuring its survival.

  1. Explore all aspects of the Social Media

Social media can be a very useful tool in helping you succeed in the ever demanding world of blogging. Interestingly, the forum is now a way of life for most people across the world. You can attract people to your blog through making use of Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Frequently update your page with new topics or posts. Through the social media platform, communication and interaction between the writer and the reader are enhanced, proper feedback and sharing of comments result in making a blog very popular among an intended target audience.


Writing is neither easy nor hard. All that is required is skill, passion, zeal, and most importantly dedication and creativity. The great writers of today started from a given point, learned what they needed to learn, and put to practice acquired ideas and strategies. The secrets mentioned above are just some of the tips you may employ to succeed in blogging.


About the Author: Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. She is a tutor and a freelance writer for this blog, who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. In her free time she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google + or find her in other social media.

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