5 Essential Tips for Hiring a Perfect Creative Writer

5 Essential Tips for Hiring a Perfect Creative Writer

The phenomenon known as writing has consumed our world for the good. It has provided people with the means to communicate, not only what they are feeling but also to shed light upon important issues, creating discussion. Writing has become such a powerful tool in today’s world, that people are elevating their existence through it. Blogging is one effective writing tradition that has birthed famous authors of our time. But what a creative writer can do?

Similarly, writing has provided people with a means of livelihood. You can not only be a prolific author making potentially millions but also can write as a creative writer for companies, cultivating your creative side for capital. Not only that, you can freelance too. There are plenty of students asking for online assignment help. If you think you are someone who can provide such a service to them, you can create an effective business plan, hiring different types of writers offering different kinds of services. But for you to understand the nuances of different types of writers, we have come up with 5 essential tips for you to hire a perfect creative writer.

Types of writers

If you are looking for writers to hire, the first thing you need to understand is the difference in writing style. You need to know what type of writers you need for your team. A blog writer will be different from an article writer. Knowing your requirements is the first thing to look forward to. If you are starting a magazine, and you have set a general tone for it. Finding different types of writers is essential. You need to divide the beats and hire one writer for each beat. Be it entertainment or technology, having someone with a firm grasp on a specific beat is always beneficial to your cause.

Having qualified individuals who know what they are talking about will always be beneficial to your magazine/business. It will not only look professional to your site but also it will engage the readers, giving them hard editorial content. Being engaging with the readers is always a plus point in the progress of a magazine. There have been numerous examples of such magazines implementing engaging content, giving readers the platform to voice out their opinions.

Look at the resume

When hiring a writer, especially a creative writer, you need to look hard at the portfolio. A resume is the first impression that you get from the writer. For the writer, it is equally important to know how important their resume is. It is their first contact with the company. Their career depends on it so to speak. Creating an engaging CV with all the relevant details and experiences not only looks good but also imprints a good impression of the writer on the recipient.

If you are sifting through countless CVs of applicants, you need to set a standard for yourself and for your company/magazine. The standard can be anything from being loosely creative to being tightly professional. Only then you can effectively sort out desired individuals for your company for further assessment. If you choose “creative” or creativity as your backbone, you need to sort out applicants based on the creativeness their resume content is emitting. Yes, you can tell a lot about an applicant based on his or her portfolio.


The next thing you want to do when you are done sifting through resumes is taking the test. The best way to know someone’s worth is through a solid test. A test specially designed to explore all the necessary qualities you need for your business or your magazine. You need to prepare each test for each beat you are going to have in your magazine. Then you need to assort your writers based on their strong suits into each beat. Finally, you need to give each of them their designed test and asked them to intellectually give their best.

Look for research skills

Another important thing a writer must have is the skill of research. A writer must know what information to decipher from given resources. He must have a sense of what qualifies as important to extrapolate and what to disregard. And, also must have the uncompromising quality of working on stuff he or she is not comfortable in. Having a writer that can research well on topics and can create effective content on a given time is a resource to have on your team. Look not for the skills of writing, but also the all-rounding effect of a person. It is better to have a skilled all-rounder writer than to have an extraordinary writer with no all-rounding capabilities.

Quality of writing

The last thing you might want to keep in mind and is obvious is writing skills. A writer is only as good as his or her writing. It doesn’t matter if you are grammatically coherent or structurally appropriate. Sure, having a strong vocabulary is good to have but at the end of the day, if you are unable to make engaging content, you are lacking in writing skills.

A writer is only successful if he’s or she’s able to communicate his or her feelings appropriately while captivating the readers in a way that is productive and effective. A story is only good when it resonates, and for a literary piece to resonate, it must flow in a way that comes naturally to human beings. Every successful writer’s work resonates with the readers, creating a bond and a thirst that is quenched on the last sentence of the piece.

Similarly, if you are judging your applicants’ work, you need to see that captivating quality required in a good writer. Grammatical errors can always be mentored, but having the ability to captivate a reader into a story or an idea is natural, and it doesn’t come often.

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