10 Reasons Why Writing a Blog Is a Bad Thing

10 Reasons Why Writing a Blog Is a Bad Thing

Writing a Blog

For many blogging might seem fun and games, especially for those who are just starting out. But blogging does have a good number of negative things to it. The potential downsides of blogging can affect almost anyone who is taking part in it but it is the worst for the ones who go professional. However, this does not mean that there’s nothing good that comes out of it. There are indeed many bright scenarios involved, an example being the ability to just use your keyboard and make a lot of money at any time.

The negatives, however, cannot be disregarded for they bear with them a lot of weight. In this article, we tell you about the most important negatives that are experienced by all the people who write blogs.

  1. Regular Blogging Takes Time

What most people would not guess is that blogging eats up a vast amount of time off of the writers’ schedules. For even a single post to be published and put online, a lot of research has to be undertaken. This is to ensure that the topic the blogger has written about is not just a product of their imagination but is based on facts. The writer also has to go a step further and ensure that these facts are not directly copied from previous works on the same topic. It sure is easy to start writing a blog based on what your thoughts dictate and what you feel at that particular time. However, the big task lies in piecing up all these thoughts together to form something worth publishing for other people to read and gain something from. Now picture doing all that plus writing a persuasive speech for your blog on a regular basis and maintaining the good standards your blog had started off with. I think we can all agree that it will take a tremendous amount of time to get all this done, especially if you’re just starting out.

  1. No Magic Bullet

Blogging does not necessarily mean that you acquire a fool proof method of getting money. It’s not a magic bullet to solving your financial crisis neither is it a ‘money magnet’ that will attract and pull money towards you the way a magnet draws iron filings to it. It takes a lot of time and a lot of experience to make concrete means of livelihood online. So, I would very much insist that you should scratch off the misconception of blogging being an easy to find treasure island. The only way you will make money is by persevering and being industrious in you blogging efforts.

  1. There Is No Guarantee of Readers

Another thing people get all mixed up in is thinking that the minute you start a blog, you will have an instant throng of readers. This is not the case. For your blog to be read, it must, to begin with, get found by people. You will find that the art of being found is a skill you also have to master for your blog to be relevant. Otherwise, you will end up reading it all by yourself. For this skill to be forged, you are required to have a lot of experience in the online world, knowing how to bring traffic to your blog and retain it to create a following. There are many tips and tricks out there that are supposed to help a blogger with this. It is, however, crucial to exercise caution, especially with those methods that cost you money.

  1. Misunderstandings and Disagreements

You may find that even though you have started a blog and you’re successful in getting readers, there are more hurdles that are bound to come in your way. One of them is the fact that not all of your readers will be in agreement with what you are trying to convey to the world. In fact, you can find a very good percentage thinking in the opposite direction and openly criticizing you. Another percentage will go right ahead and misunderstand your blog and what follows after that is a misjudgment. The best thing to do in such a case would be to just keep your head low and respond positively if you must.

  1. Your Writing Lives On

As much as this has a heroic aura to it, it can have a very bad side. When you take up blogging, you write about what you think and believe is worth sharing with the world. However, this can spell disaster in future years if your writing comes under the scrutiny of other people. Such people could include authorities and employers who will judge you by the beliefs and statements you had made in your previous blogs. This could be a bad thing, especially when your present beliefs and personality as a whole are opposite to those past affirmations.

  1. Blog Spam

Most bloggers normally allow their readers to comment on their blogs. You might receive a lot of unnecessary comments, especially from people with software that creates its own comments. Google has the power to lower your ranking when you have many comments that have no relation to your post content. For you to delete all your spam, it will eat into your time once more but it’s something you have to embrace because it is your only way out. Another option would be to hire someone to take care of this for you but if you’re just starting out, the extra cost may be impossible to cover at the moment.

  1. You Stand the Chance Of Forgetting How To Socialize

This has happened to most bloggers if I’m to be candid about it. The professional ones are the ones heavily affected by this as their interaction with people happens mainly through cyberspace. Likewise, they mirror the same words in face to face situations. This often leads to various incidences whereby what they talk about is just an echo of the conversations on their blogs. Others don’t even trust themselves to be in public because they fear leaking the content of their next blog when conversing.

  1. Blog Trolls

These are among the worst things about blogging. They refer to things people deliberately write and say to hurt and abuse bloggers with. The insults and filth are a nuisance because they just get uglier if you try and respond to them and the only sure way of getting past them is by avoiding them. This, sadly, does not prevent them from being in your face as well as being linked to your blog.

  1. You Have The Burden Of Keeping Up With Technology

In order for your blog to be published and get readers beyond your family and friends, you have to pursue technology. It is an additional task – to keep up with technology, such as updates to the Google algorithm, in order for your blog’s visibility to extend to as many people as possible. This can be taxing because you should be up to date on a regular basis for your blog to be relevant.

  1. Finding Topics to Write About

Among the bad things that blogging comes with is the time and difficulty associated with coming up with potential topics. For you to be a successful blogger, original material is a paramount requirement and that is what brings about the difficulty. The topics that offer a sufficient and wide scope for numerous posts are not easily unearthed and this dictates that you must use additional effort to prosper in the blogging arena.

As we can see, the blogging has not only advantages but also disadvantages. And if you’ll know about them, you’ll be much easier to maintain a blog.

About Author: Christina Battons is a blogger and freelance writer, who is interested in topics about education, writing, blogging, motivation, etc. And I also like to share my knowledge with people. Currently, I write for various blogs like ProWritersCenter or similar. My free time I spend with my family, friends, or riding my bicycle. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook or other social media.

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