How to Design The Perfect WordPress Website?

How to Design The Perfect WordPress Website?

Perfect WordPress Website

So, you are sure that you want to build your website using WordPress. That is the first right decision in the process of excellent website design. Now you need to find out a couple of things before we can get your site up and running.

Here are a few things about WordPress we know already

  • It is easy
  • It is not fussy
  • It comes with scores of plug-ins
  • It supports e-commerce websites too
  • It has basic SEO features embedded in core code
  • It comes with blog features too

Now comes the hardest part – finding out what you want from the CMS platform. Different companies have different goals, while some want to sell pizzas, others may want to sell pest control services. The target audiences are clearly distinct in the cited cases. Now, a pizza website needs to look appetizing, which is surely not the case for a site that offers bug-killing services.

So who decides which design is perfect for one WordPress website and ridiculous for the other? Who can tell which goals you need to set for your company site and what features you need to include in your web design packages for accomplishing those goals?

A guide every WordPress beginner needs

Here are a few points that will always help you find the right website design for your WordPress site:

  1. What is your business strategy?

Write down your business values. Next, write down all the services your website should offer to your customers. Fill in all the details. Will you accept online orders? Will there be customer sign in? How will you tally the order and delivery process? These are a few things you need to work out before your website goes online. Any website designer knows how to make your site look beautiful. Only a good website designer knows how to make your website fully supportive too. It means a lot of test runs, reruns and feedback analysis for all website developers. It takes a lot of time, testing and experience to learn website optimization for creating a wholesome site.

  1. Set your goals

This is what we touched upon in our intro. A website is a long-term investment that involves both time and money. You need to set a few goals to ensure that your website design is correct. A few sample goals common for almost all companies include:

  • To increase sales or conversion rates
  • To increase CTR
  • To increase dwell time
  • To reach out to a new market
  • To increase organic traffic
  • To lead the market with XYZ new product the coming quadrant
  • To become active on social media and get a certain amount of traffic from there

This list, as we can see, is quite slapdash. To make sure your website covers every feature and function, start with prioritizing any goals list you may have. Then start with the logistics process and move on to the design part of WordPress.

Prioritizing your goals will also help you and your designer pick out a theme and template for your website. Once that task is complete, you can sit down together and pick out the plug-ins that best suit your website functionalities and extend them.

  1. Who is your audience?

Like we said, a pizza delivery kitchen will not have the same audience as a bug-nuking center. Therefore, you need to start thinking from your potential audience’s POV. How did you feel when you first logged into this site? What are the elements, which could do with some improvement? Make a list of such aspects, features, and functions you would like to include or exclude from your website.

Adding certain keywords to your content will certainly bring in more targeted organic traffic. You need to work on your Meta data too. Always remember, your customer is not the most patient. They will hardly give your site a window of 7 seconds before they drop off. You need to impress them with deliverable content within that short window.

For this, you need to understand your customer profiles. Who is a potential client? The recluse teenager with dollar change in his pocket or the 40-something successful businessman? Creating site profile will help you approach your audience group. You will be using your resources in a more optimized manner. Your WordPress website will use the correct plug-ins and attract a higher ROI.

  1. What do the users want from you?

Mel Gibson might still be figuring out What Women Want? However, understanding and analyzing user profile will give you the advantage to gather information about what your users want. Your users might want anything from your website, including:

  • Reading information and white papers.
  • They might want news, blogs site and updates about current affairs.
  • Book shows, plane tickets, bus tickets, etc.
  • Watch videos and listen to music.
  • Connect with other people and chat.
  • Access subscriber only content for members only.
  • Download and print content.
  • Simply buy tangible goods like FMCGs and services too.

You can either run social media surveys to understand the demand of your customers or simply ask them what they want. This seems rather blunt, but this is the foolproof way of finding out what your customers and potential customers are expecting from your company.

These 4 points are the basics of designing the most functional WordPress website for any company, business, and corporation. WordPress has no dearth of themes for almost all purposes conceivable. Once you figure out what you want from your website and what your consumers may want as well, designing a successfully working website becomes a walk in the park.

Do not forget to include SEO plug-ins for your WordPress website. Also, include a FAQ section for your site since the answers for most asked relevant questions would increase the search engine friendliness of your website. Structuring your website should be no big deal at all. Most of these CMS themes come with defined structures.


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Sourabh Sharma is a web consultant who is associated with Hridk, a sister company of Ethane Web Technologies. He loves sharing his experience about web design & development through blogging. You can also find him on Twitter @SourabhSharmaji

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    Hi Sourabh,

    Solid tips here. I dig the focus on your audience; before designing a blog keep ’em in mind to make an attractive, beneficial WordPress site that piques their interest. Before doing a theme overhaul on my blog a year ago I thought through how the design helped my readers. Gotta think about your audience before you do anything with your blog.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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