Participating and Benefiting from Blogger Contests

Participating and Benefiting from Blogger Contests

Blogger Contests


Today is the first day of our Blogger blogging contest (details here) and we’re hoping that it makes a significant impact with our bloggers. If you haven’t already decided to be a part of our contest, please do think about it and then go ahead and sign up through our blogger profile. After you’ve done that, you can go ahead and start submitting your posts and participate in the contest. The most shares that your posts gets puts you in the running for the $350 total cash prizes!

As a way to further excite you about the contest, I found a couple of links across the web to see how contests do when relating to bloggers. My results will excite you and hopefully encourage you to participate. Good Luck!

  • Here are two contests given some time ago by Guest Crew. The first one was a $500 cash prize and the second one was a $10 daily cash prize. Contest participation seemed to have gone quite well.
  • Here’s another interesting contest by SMB Blogging that had cash prizes by different sponsors. Their contests also included several non-cash prizes as well. I know sometimes that excites bloggers too.

Writing for blogging contests can be very beneficial to bloggers and create lots of opportunities. Here are some more benefits you can get as a result:

  1. It’s important to participate in blogging contests for several reasons:
  2. Contests increase competition for quality posts.
  3. Contests are exciting to see who wins in the end.
  4. It’s a great way to “share” clickable content.
  5. You can get discovered through blogging contests. Clients will want you to write for them.
  6. You get to really polish your writing skills.

What other benefits can you think of that you would get from participating in blogger contests? Do you think bloggers should or should not write posts for cash prize contests? Leave your opinion in the comments box below

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