How To Get The First Thousand Readers For Your Blog

How To Get The First Thousand Readers For Your Blog

Do you own a blog? There is a chance that your online platform is in good shape. You are probably searching for ways to generate a wide audience that engages with your content effectively. You are most likely checking your analytics like a maniac, researching every detail, looking for improvement in your numbers.

For many new bloggers, their main goal is to get their first 1000 subscribers. They want to feel like their hard work is bringing them one step closer to great success. This could be a tough goal to complete, but it is possible. You may wonder how this works. Well, we are glad you asked! Here are some questions you should consider if you are looking for a massive following on your online blog.

Who is my audience?

If you want to get your first 1000 subscribers, you have to know who your audience is. Ask yourself what is your ideal audience? Do you write for men or women? Are they single? Do they have families? Are you reaching a certain economic class? These are great things to consider because the answers will direct you to where your audience is. This is where you get to involve yourself in the areas that they like to hang out. Take note of some topics that these people want to read. Check out the comments. Pick their brains to see what they are thinking and what issues provoke great interest within them. Is there a way in which you can contribute to the solution?

Consider the deep interests of the group that you are pursuing. What are their most major struggles? You might even consider asking your target audience these questions on your social media platforms. Your potential subscribers will enjoy the chance to express themselves and you will enjoy your audience numbers improve.

What does my blog look like?

Take a good look at your online platform. Think of what someone else might think. Is it super cluttered? Is it difficult to find the information needed? Are you using too many words where you can simply include pictures? What is the state of your blog?

You might think that looks are not everything but you may be wrong. Surely your content may be wonderful, but the set up is equally as important. Your design creates the environment in which your readers will continue or log off. Consider a clean look that includes high quality of images. You want to make a great impression so do not forget to reflect your identity. Is your personality fun-loving or solemn? Are you enjoying a good laugh or do you love intense conversations? What colors do you want to use in order to reflect your brand? Select a theme that visualizes your brand personality. Be sure that the appearance of your website is visually appealing and inviting.

Another thing to remember is to choose a blog title that fits your vision. Ask yourself if the title reflects your content and where you wish to go in the future. Be sure to take the necessary time to consider this. You may be surprised that your interests may change as you grow as a blogger.

Also, avoid getting happy with widgets and links. This only makes your blog look cluttered and confusing to the outside eye. Instead, consider keeping it simple. Insert links that keep your reader on your blog and keep from links that lead them away. If you choose to, you may add in advertisements that reflect your brand.

Am I using effective SEO tactics?

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is one of the essential components to an influential blog. This method attracts free traffic when Google, and other search engines, recognize keywords that interest the web surfer. If you take this seriously, this could be a great source of passive income as visitors will come running to your website every time they search on the web.

In order to be successful with SEO, you must create content with search engines in mind. This means that each time you write a blog post, think of what people will search for on Google. For example, if you are doing celebrity gossip, try including the name of the celebrity and the scandal in less than 8 words. Allow these words to roam freely across your content which will notify search engines of your blog post. This is a proven method with entrepreneurs and content creators who are making thousands of dollars on their blogs.


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