The Content Marketers A-to-Z Guide to Google Analytic

The Content Marketers A-to-Z Guide to Google Analytic

Content Marketers

If there’s one quote I really love and agree with when it comes to writing, it would be this quote by the brilliant Stephen King:

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

When you’re writing a new article or blog post, reading is really important. I mean, how can you get new ideas or learn new insights if you don’t read, right? How will you know what people think of your piece if you don’t read their comments? And since we’re in the digital age where writers and other professionals are becoming content marketers to share their valuable insights and tips and to get traffic, it’s not just words you should read but also data and numbers.

You may read a lot and write a lot but how much do you really know about content marketing? Do you know how much traffic your article is getting? Are your readers turning into customers or users? Do you know which site they are mostly coming from?

These may be analytics and tech things but these are actually basic things every content marketer should know – and more!

A pretty good way to learn more about your content marketing data is by checking your Google Analytics. Everyone that does online marketing uses it. If you’re team isn’t, you should better start now. Ask a colleague to teach you the basics of Google Analytics. It won’t take much of your time since everything is labeled properly there.

If you don’t want to disturb anyone and you think you can learn Google Analytics on your own – you can actually – there are lots of helpful articles and how-tos on Google Analytics. You can also start with the infographic below called “The Content Marketers A-to-Z Guide to Google Analytic”. This infographic was specially created and designed by Orbit Media Studios and Visme created for content marketers.

If you have any comment, please use the comment section below. Happy learning!

Content Marketers

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